2022 Grants


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Title: Can Thrombelastography be Used to Determine Optimal Thromboprophylaxis Following Pelvic and Acetabular Fractures?
Principal Investigator: Prism Schneider, MD, PHD, FRCSC 
Co-Investigator: Andrew Dodd, MD, Paul Duffy, MD, Robert Korley, MDCM, Ryan Martin, MD
Awarded Funds: $80,000
Funded by: OTA/Smith & Nephew
Grant Type: Clinical

Title: Treatment of Acute Fracture Related Infections Utilizing Bacteriophage Therapy
Principal Investigator: Kyle Schweser, MD
Co-Investigator: Aaron Stoker, Chantelle  Bozynski, Cristi Cook, James Cook, Tamara Gull
Awarded Funds: $80,000
Funded by:OTA/ The AirCast Foundatin
Grant Type: Directed Topic: Indications, utilization, and safety of local antibiotic delivery in orthopaedic trauma care

Title:   Osteoprogenitors isolated from RIA-effluent as autologous adjuvant cell therapy for segmental bone defects                                                                    
Principal Investigator: Mark Lee, MD
Co-Investigator: Fernando A. Fierro
Awarded Funds: $50,000
Funded by:OTA
Grant Type: Basic (submitted as Clinical, RC reclassed as basic)

Title: Can iPhone gait metrics be used to benchmark functional recovery after ankle fracture?
Principal Investigator: Daniel C Fitzpatrick, MD
Co-Investigator: Erin Owen, PhD, Michael Hahn, MD
Awarded Funds: $78,194
Funded by: OTA
Grant Type: Clinical

Title:   Bone regeneration suing engineered materials
Principal Investigator: Ramkumar T. Annamalai, PhD    
Co-Investigator: Arun Aneja, MD. PhD
Awarded Funds: $50,000
Funded by: OTA
Grant Type: Basic

Title:   Injectable bioinspired nanowires to accelerate fracture healing through therapeutic delivery of painless nerve growth factor.
Principal Investigator: Chelsea S Bahney, PHD                       
Co-Investigator: Chengbaio Wu, Tejal Desai
Awarded Funds: $50,000
Funded by: OTA
Grant Type: Basic

Title: eFORRCE (Elderly-Fixation of the Radius: Radiological and Clinical Evaluation):  A prospective randomised superiority trial of surgical versus conservative management for unstable fractures of the distal radius in patients aged 65 and older.                                     
Principal Investigator: Andrew David Duckworth, BSc, MSc, FRCSEd(Tr&Orth), Ph
Awarded Funds: $19,997
Funded by: OTA
Country: United Kingdom

Title: Postoperative pain management practice and drug tolerance in Orthopaedic trauma patients – A Prospective Observational Study                                                                       
Principal Investigator: Tashfeen Ahmad, MBBS, FCPS, PhD
Co-Investigator: Yasir Mohib
Awarded Funds: $19,700
Funded by: OTA
Country: Pakistan

Title: Does use of DermACELL AWM Acellular Dermal Matrix decrease the need for skin grafting and time required for granulation
Principal Investigator: Paul Edward Matuszewski, MD
Co-Investigator: Leslie Wong
Awarded Funds: $50,000
Funded by: LifeNet


Title: Intimate Partner Violence Training in Orthopaedic Surgery Residency    
Principal Investigator: Katya Eve Strage, MD
Co-Investigator: Stephen Stacey, MD
Awarded Funds: $20,000
Funded by: FOT/$10,000
Funded by: OTA/$10,000

Title: Improving Patient Recall Following Operative Orthopaedic Trauma
Principal Investigator: Ryan J Furdock, MD
Co-Investigator: Heather Vallier, MD, FIOTA
Awarded Funds: $20,000
Funded by: FOT/$10,000
Funded by: OTA/$10,000

Title: The Acute Phase Response and Femoral Shaft Fractures: is Plasmin Activation the "Second Hit"?
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Savakus
Co-Investigator: Jonathan Schoenecker, MD, PhD, Philip Mitchell, MD, Stephanie Moore-Lotridge, PhD
Awarded Funds: $20,000
Funded by: FOT/$10,000
Funded by: OTA/$10,000

Title: Classifying Operative versus Non-operative Ankle Fractures with Machine Learning
Principal Investigator: Charles C Lin, MD
Co-Investigator: Kenneth Egol, MD, Philipp Leucht, MD
Awarded Funds: $5,000
Funded by: OTA

Title: Does Intraoperative Indocyanine Laser Angiography Predict Muscle Viability In Traumatic Soft Tissue Injury?
Principal Investigator: Joseph Featherall, MD
Co-Investigator: Justin Haller, MD
Awarded Funds: $20,000                                                                                 
Funded by: OTA/DePuy

Title: Prospective study of the prevalence of peripheral artery disease in at-risk patients undergoing fixation of complex tibial plateau and tibial plafond fractures
Principal Investigator: Christopher Flanagan, MD
Co-Investigator: Hassan Mir, MD, MBA
Awarded Funds: $11,105
Funded by: OTA/DePuy

Title: Tissue-Engineered Vascularized Bone Grafts Derived from LGR Epithelial Stem Cells
Principal Investigator: Austin Michael Beason, MD
Co-Investigator: Danielle Olla, Michael Neumeister
Awarded Funds: $15,580                                                                                 
Funded by: OTA/Globus Medical

Title: Investigating the Role of Human Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Bone Healing – A Pilot Project
Principal Investigator: Matthew Raleigh, MD
Co-Investigator: Aaron Nauth, MD
Awarded Funds: $19,974                                                                            
Funded by: OTA/Zimmer

Title: Immunocoagulopathy: The Cause of The Third Wave of Death in Level-1 Orthopaedic Trauma?
Principal Investigator: Mariel Rickert
Co-Investigator: William Obremskey, MD, MPH
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000                                                                           
Funded by: OTA
Funded by: FOT/$10,000
Funded by: OTA/$10,000

Title: Patient reported outcomes in ballistic lower extremity fractures: A prospective cohort study
Principal Investigator: Ndeye Fatou Guisse, MD 
Co-Investigator: Lauren Tatman, MD
Awarded Funds: $19,951                                                                            
Funded by: OTA

Title: Real-time in vivo assessment of bacteriophage therapy in fracture-related infection: An animal model
Principal Investigator: Reza Ojaghi, MD MSC DVM
Co-Investigator: Geoffrey Wilkin, MD
Awarded Funds: $19,900                                                                           
Funded by: OTA

Title: Intravenous Iron and Platelet Function in Orthopaedic Trauma
Principal Investigator: Danielle Frances Peterson, MD
Co-Investigator: Zachary Working, MD
Awarded Funds: $20,000                                                                           
Funded by: OTA
Funded by: FOT/$10,000
Funded by: OTA/$10,000