OTA Online FAQ


 Do I have access to OTA Online?
As an OTA member you have full access to all OTA Online content.
As a nonmember you have access to: The OTA Podcast, Webinars, OTA International Journal, Core Curriculum Lectures, Fracture Night, Evidence Based Medicine Resource List, Procedure & Technique Video library, and Industry Content.

 How do I login to view OTA Online content?
If you are logged into your OTA account, your login will carry over to the OTA Discussion Forum. Your OTA account login credentials will get you into each site our educational content is on. 

 What OTA Online Content is included in my OTA membership?
All content is included. You may have to purchase certain CME content separately.

 What OTA Online content has CME credits?
All webinars and On-Demand courses will offer CME. Typically most content offers CME credits for up to three years. All content that offers CME will have an accreditation statement in the description to make you aware of how many credits the activity will offer.

 What requires registration to attend? 
Education Wednesdays require registration to be completed. Webinars are free to members, while Fracture Night is free to all. 

 I missed Fracture Night, how can I see it?
Unfortunately, Fracture Night is not recorded. We encourage presenters and attendees to post in the Education Discussion Forum for discussion on presented cases. 

 What JOT subscription is included with OTA membership? 
As an OTA member, you receive a complimentary online subscription. Active, Research, and Clinical level membership receives a complimentary print subscription.
As a Post-Candidate, Candidate, and Trauma Practice Professional you can purchase annual JOT subscriptions for a discounted rate. 

 How do I access the OTA Discussion Forum and the Education Discussion Forum?
The OTA Discussion Forum is a members-only platform and can be accessed here, by using your OTA account login credentials.
When you register for any OTA Online event you are automatically placed in the Education Discussion Forum. You can request to join here.

 Where can I access the OTA Podcast?
Anywhere you listen to podcast episodes. You can also download the ConveyMED app. 

 How do I claim CME? 
Only certain courses, webinars, or educational content offers CME. Any content that does offer credit will indicate that on the overview or description. To claim credit, you must complete the activity, fill out an evaluation survey, and claim your certificate. The system will prompt you to complete these steps. You will be able to download and print your certificate. 

At any time, you can view your transcript and re-download or re-print your certificates for any CME activity from the OTA here: https://education.ota.org/my-dashboard/transcript