Committee Listing


2018-19 Board of Directors and Committee Membership

OTA Board of Directors

President:  David C. Teague, MD
President-Elect:  Michael D. McKee, MD
2nd President Elect:   Heather A. Vallier, MD 
Secretary:  Thomas F. Higgins, MD
Chief Financial Officer:  Douglas W. Lundy, MD
Immediate Past President:  William M. Ricci, MD 
2nd Past President:  Steve A. Olson, MD
Member at Large:  Chad P. Coles, MD
Member at Large:  Clifford B. Jones, MD, FACS
Member at Large:  Philip R. Wolinsky, MD
Annual Meeting Program Chair:  Michael J. Gardner, MD


Appointed Committees

Annual Program Committee
Michael Gardner, MD, Chair
Stephen A. Kottmeier, MD, Co-Chair
Andrew Choo, MD
Brett Crist, MD
Gregory Della Rocca, MD
David Hak, MD
Gil Ortega, MD
David Sanders, MD
Gerard Slobogean, MD

Basic Science Sub-Committee
Ed Harvey, MD, Chair
Andrew Evans, MD
Justin Haller, MD
Aaron Nauth, MD
Emil Schemitsch, MD
Christopher Lee, MD

Bylaws & Hearings Committee
Thomas A. De Coster, MD (Chair)
Eric Meinberg, MD
Robert Reddix, Jr., MD

Education Committee
Samir Mehta, MD (Chair)
Eben A. Carroll, MD
David Weiss, MD
Theodore Toan Le, MD
Utku Kandemir, MD
Hassan Riaz Mir, MD
Brian H. Mullis, MD

Finance and Audit Committee
Doug Lundy, MD, CFO/Chair
Douglas Dirschl, MD
Brendan Patterson, Immediate Past CFO

Publications Committee
Heather Vallier, MD, Chair 
Roy Sanders, MD; JOT Editor-in-Chief
Emil Schemitsch, MD; OTA International Editor-in-Chief
Ken Egol, MD; OTA Video Library Editor
Bob Ostrum, MD; OTA Rockwood and Green Editor (1 rep)
Cory Collinge, MD; Rock and Green Living Textbook Editor
Ted Miclau, MD; Governance Council Chair

Research Committee
Michael Archdeacon, MD, Chair
Donald Anderson, MD
Patrick Bergin, MD
Philipp Leucht, MD
Victor De Ridder, MD
Anna Miller, MD
Reza Firoozabadi, MD
Kelly LeFaivre, MD
Mara Schenker, MD
Frank Avilucea, MD
Emil Schemitsch, MD
Andrew Trenholm, MD

OTA Board Appointed Committees

Classification & Outcomes Committee
Matt Karam, MD, Chair
Jarrod Dumpe, MD
Mai Nguyen, MD
Geoffrey Marecek, MD
John Scolaro, MD
Meir Marmor, MD
Gillian Soles, MD
Julie Agel, MD; Presidential Consultant
Jim Kellam, MD; Presidential Consultant
J. Lawrence Marsh, MD; Presidential Consultant
MAJ Daniel Stinner, MD; Presidential Consultant

Disaster Management Preparedness Committee
Roman Hayda, MD, Chair
Eric Meinberg, MD 
Kory Cornum, MD
Usha Mani, MD 
Ken Nelson, MD
Eric Pagenkopf, MD 
John Hagedorn, MD

Evidence Based Value & Quality Committee
William Obremskey, MD, Chair
Clay Spitler, MD
Peter Krause, MD
Michael Leslie, MD
Gudrun Mirick, MD
William Reisman, MD
Jaimo Ahn, MD
Arvind Nana, MD

Fellowship & Career Choices Committee
Lisa Taitsman, MD, Chair
Madhav Karunakar, MD
Michael Weaver, MD
Animesh Agarwal, MD
Yelena Bogdan, MD
Jason Nascone, MD
David Templeman
Roy Sanders, MD
Brad Yoo, MD
David Zamorano, MD

Fellowship Match Compliance Sub-Committee
Jason Roberts, MD, Chair 
Michael LeCroy, MD
Robert Probe, MD
Dan Schlatter, MD

Fund Development Committee
Dan Horwitz, MD, Chair
Barry Davis, MD
Joseph Hoegler, MD
Brendan Patterson, MD
Toney Russell, MD
Lisa Cannada, MD

Health Policy & Planning Committee
Todd Swenning, Chair
Gerald Lang, MD 
Samir Mehta, MD
Chris McAndrew, MD
Alex Jahangir, MD 
Manish Sethi, MD 
Niloofar Dehghan, MD
Bruce Ziran, MD 
Brad Dart, MD
John Campbell, MD

Humanitarian Committee
Richard Coughlin, MD, Chair
Todd Mailly, MD
Rachel Reilly, MD
Edward Rodriguez, MD 
Peter Trafton, MD 
Pat Yoon, MD

International Relations Committee
Peter Giannoudis, MD, Chair
Ney Amaral, MD 
Fernando DeLaHuerta, MD
Theodore Toan Le, MD
Robert Zura, MD
Anjan Shah, MD
Hans-Christoph Pape, MD

Military Committee
MAJ Daniel Stinner, MD, Chair (USA)
Lt. Col. Wade Gordon, MD (USAF)
James Blair, MD (USA)
CDR Kevin M. Kuhn, MD (USN)
Lt. Col. Christopher LeBrun, MD (USAF)
LCDR Christopher Smith, MD (USN) 
Max Talbot, MD (Canadian Armed Services)
MAJ Eric Verwiebe, MD (USA)

Public Relations Committee
Mark Lee, MD, Chair
Theodoros Tosounidis, MD 
Milan Sen, MD 
Joshy Gary, MD 
Jason Sansone, MD 
Lori Reed, MD 
Miguel Daccarett, MD 
Craig Bartlett, MD

Practice Management Committee
Paul Appleton, MD, Chair
Lisa Cannada, MD 
Michael Beltran, MD 
Adam Kaufman, MD 
John Tidwell, MD 
Frank Liporace, MD 
John Iaquinto, MD

Elected Committees

Membership Committee
Milan Sen, MD, Chair
Peter Althausen, MD
Emily Benson, MD
Conor Kleweno, MD
Gilbert Ortega, MD

Nominating Committee
William Ricci, MD, Chair
Four OTA Members will be Elected

Orthopaedic Organizational Liaisons
David Teague, MD; Presidential Line Rep
Lisa Taitsman, MD; BOS Match Oversight
Hasaan Mir, MD; Member Rep (also BOS rep to AAOS Health Care Systems Committee)
Kathleen Caswell, MD; Executive Director Rep

ACS COT (American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma)
Philip R. Wolinsky, MD, Chair
Bruce Ziran, MD 
James R. Ficke, MD 
Mark P. McAndrew, MD 
Clifford Jones, MD 
Anna Miller, MD 
H. Claude Sagi, MD
James C. Krieg, MD
A. Alex Jahangir, MD

Other Orthopaedic Liaison Positions
Bruce Browner, MD; Member-at-Large USBJI
Andy Schmidt, MD; Civilian Rep, EWI
James Ficke, MD; Board Member, National Trauma Institute