Sponsorship Right of First Refusal Guidelines


RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL (ROFR). OTA will offer all sponsorships to the sponsoring company from the same event the year before prior to solicitation of new and or additional sponsors for a previously sponsored item. If the previous sponsor company chooses not to sponsor the same event, OTA reserves the right to seek alternative sponsors at their own discretion. The first right of refusal has a term limit of two years with the exception of the below donor levels. After that time, the sponsorship is placed back in the general pool for open bid.


Diamond Donor: 

 Right of First Refusal on 3 items with no term limit

Platinum Donor:

 Right of First Refusal on 2 items with no term limit

Gold Donor: 

 Right of First Refusal on 1 item with no term limit

All other levels:   

 Right of First Refusal on all items with 2 year limit


Sponsors must notify OTA in writing with 90 days after the sponsored event of their intention to renew the sponsorship. Once the 90 days have expired, if no notification is received, the sponsorship will be placed back into the general pool for open bid.

 All sponsorship items will be open for bid as a first come first serve basis for all industry partners regardless of donor level.

Non-selected items will be back open to original sponsor 30 days after prospectus release.