Membership FAQ



  1. I forgot my member log-in.  What should I do?  
    Click  Member Login.  You will be prompted to create a new password. 

  2. What is the Emeritus Membership category?  Can I apply?
    An applicant cannot apply for Emeritus membership; it is for current OTA members to transition to at retirement or reaching the age of 68 years old. OTA Membership for at least 3 years is required before one can transition to Emeritus membership. Emeritus members do not pay dues.  Emeritus members receive all member benefits; aside from the paper mailed JOT and voting privileges.  Emeritus members may purchase a JOT mailed subscription at the discounted OTA member rate. Per the bylaws; a member must state in writing to the OTA BOD the intent to transition to Emeritus membership.  Email letter to

  3. I thought I got the JOT with OTA membership?
    The JOT online subscriptions are included with OTA membership. Active, Research, and Clinical members also receive a print copy as well. Any member may order a mailed JOT subscription via link below. Cost for 12 mailed Issues/Year, January - December is $99.


  4. I was; but am no longer receiving the JOT.  Why?
    A. Did you move? You must contact JOT with change of email or mailing address. Toll-free USA: 866.489.0443 or email:
    B.  Subscriptions run from January - December of each year. Check your member invoice history to determine when you purchased your subscription.
    C.  Are your dues paid?  Subscriptions will be suspended for overdue dues.

  5. What is the OTA AFA Award?

    The Community Surgeon Achievement Award was co-founded by the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) and the American Fracture Association (AFA) in 2016.  This prestigious award honors one OTA Member each year whom demonstrate the following::                     
    a.  Demonstrated outstanding community orthopaedic contributions
    b.  Dedicated his/her professional life to excellence in research and education at all community levels
    c.  Personal qualities of integrity, compassion and leadership
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  6. My CME's from the OTA Annual Meeting, are not showing up on my AAOS Transcripts.  Why?

    Does your OTA account include your AAOS ID?  DId you "claim" your CME?

  7. Who qualifies to be nominated for the Membership Committee, the Nomination Committee or the OTA Board of Directors?

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