2016 Grants


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OTA 2016 Member Full Awarded Grants:

Title: The DECIPHER Study: DEterminants of Function and Clinically Important outcomes in Proximal Humerus Fractures in the Elder Population: A North American Prospective CohoRt
PI:  Emil H Schemitsch, MD, FRCSC
Co-PI:  Michael D McKee, MD, FRCSC
Awarded Funds: $87,765
Funded by: OTA/COTA/Smith & Nephew

Title: Antimicrobial Blue Light Therapy for Treatment of Post-traumatic Implant-related Infections in Orthopedics
PI:  Tianhong  Dai, Ph.D.
Co-PI: Mark  S Vrahas, M.D
Awarded Funds: $50,000
Funded by: OTA/Zimmer

Title: The Effects of Locally Delivered Bone Marrow-Derived Cells on Fracture Healing in a Diabetic Rat Model
PI:  Emil H Schemitsch, MD
Co-PI:  Aaron  Nauth, MD
Awarded Funds: $50,000
Funded by: OTA/DePuy Synthes

Title: Does Time to Administration or Duration of Treatment with the Mast Cell Stabilizer, Ketotifen Fumarate, Effect Post-traumatic Joint Contractures?
PI:  Prism S Schneider, MD, PhD
Co-PI:  Kevin A Hildebrand, MD
Awarded Funds: $49,991
Funded by:  OTA/Zimmer

Title: Evaluation of Local Tissue Concentrations and Bioactivity of Vancomycin Eluted from PMMA Implants in an Ovine Fracture Healing Model.
PI:  Thomas P Schaer, VMD
Co-PI:  James Krieg, MD
Awarded Funds:  $49,800
Funded by:  OTA

Title: Decreasing Systemic Inflammation to Improve Fracture Healing in Polytraumatized Rats
PI:  Todd O McKinley, MD
Co-PI:  Christopher H. Pape, MD
Awarded Funds:  $117,234
Funded by:  OTA

Title: Radiologic and Clinical Outcomes of Augmentation in Fragility Intertrochanteric Hip Fracture Treatment: A Randomized Multicenter Clinical Trial
PI: Rodrigo Pesantez, MD
Awarded Funds: $49,050
Funded by:  OTA/Undisclosed Individual Donor


OTA 2016 Resident Awarded Grants:

Grant Title:  Effect of Cryotherapy on Fracture Healing
Principal Investigator:  Daniel  Castano, MD
Co-Investigator:  Edward J Harvey, MD MSc
Amount Funded: $18,390  
Grant Funded by:  OTA/FOT

Grant Title: Anterior Superior Iliac Spine Osteotomy Increases Surgical Exposure Through Both the Lateral and Stoppa Windows: A Cadaveric Study.
Principal Investigator: Andrew J Sheean, MD
Co-Investigator:  Michael Beltran, MD

Amount Funded: $11,010  
Grant Funded by: OTA/Smith & Nephew

Grant Title:  The Effect of Sirtuin-1 on Chondrocyte Progenitor Cell Activity in Acute Cartilage Injury
Principal Investigator:  Jocelyn T Compton, MD
Co-Investigator:  J Lawrence Marsh, MD
Amount Funded:  $20,000
Grant Funded by: OTA/FOT

Grant Title: Biomechanical Evaluation of Augmentation Strategies for Fixation of Proximal Humerus Fractures Involving the Anatomic Neck in Osteoporotic Bone

Principal Investigator:  Austin A Pitcher, MD, PHD
Co-Investigator:  Meir Marmor, MD
Amount Funded: $20,000
Grant Funded by: OTA/FOT

Grant Title: Laser Assisted Indocyanine Green Angiography as an Adjunct in the Evaluation of Skin and Soft Tissue in Closed Distal Plafond Fractures
Principal Investigator:  Young  Lu, MD
Co-Investigator:  David Zamorano, MD
Amount Funded: $20,000
Grant Funded by: OTA/FOT

Grant Title: Validation of the Radiographic Union Score for Tibial Fractures (RUST) using Medical Imaging and Biomechanical Testing in an In-Vivo Rat Model 
Principal Investigator: Meghan C Crookshank, MD
Co-Investigator:  Radovan Zdero, PhD
Amount Funded: $20,000 
Grant Funded by:  OTA/DePuy Synthes

Grant Title: Posterior Malleolus Exposure Map and Screw Trajectory: A Cadaveric Study
Principal Investigator: Bradley Meulenkamp, MD, FRCSC
Co-Investigator: Steve Papp, MD
Amount Funded: $17,050
Grant Funded by: OTA

Grant Title: Pro-osteogenic Effect of Aminocaproic Acid
Principal Investigator: Dalibel M Bravo, MD 
Co-Investigator: Philipp Leucht, MD
Amount Funded: $20,000
Grant Funded by: OTA/DePuy Synthes

Grant Title: Complications after Gunshot-associated Fracture Fixation in a Large Population cohort
Principal Investigator: Daniel Pincus, MD 
Co-Investigator: Hans Kreder, MD
Amount Funded: $18,500
Grant Funded by: OTA

Grant Title: Evaluating the Utility of Lateral Elbow Radiographs in Articular Olecranon Reduction: an Anatomic and Radiographic Study
Principal Investigator: Jeremy F Kubik, MD 
Co-Investigator: Christopher Martin, MD
Amount Funded: $5,000
Grant Funded by: OTA