2021 Grants


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Title: Virtual Mechanical Testing of Humeral Fracture Healing and Nonunion
PI: Hannah Dailey, PhD    
Co-PI: Paul Tornetta, III, MD, Louis Gerstenfeld, PhD
Awarded Funds: $80,000
Funded by: OTA/AirCast Foundation

Title: Primary Ankle Arthrodesis versus Open Reduction and Internal Fixation for Fragility Fractures Around the Ankle in the Frail Elderly: A Prospective, Randomized, Multi-Center, Clinical Trial   
PI:  Emil H Schemitsch, MD 
Co-PI: Abdel-Rahman Lawendy
Awarded Funds: $79,890
Funded by: OTA/DePuy

Title: Biological Activity of Human Induced Membranes in Bone Defects: Correlation of an In Vitro Analysis with Clinical Outcomes, Comparing Femoral and Tibial Locations
PI: Vaida Glatt, PhD 
Co-PI: Kevin Tetsworth, MD
Awarded Funds: $79,863
Funded by: OTA

Title: Impact of Nutrition Status on Clinically Relevant Outcomes after Femoral Fragility Fractures           
PI:  Michael Willey, MD
Co-PI: JL Marsh, MD
Awarded Funds: $79,528
Funded by: OTA

Title: Acute Application of Intrawound Antibiotic Powder in Open Extremity Fracture Wounds   
PI: Nicholas Alfonso, MD
Co-PI: Cyril Mauffrey, MD
Awarded Funds: $79,991
Funded by: OTA/Smith & Nephew

Title: Correlating Early Markers of Joint Health with PROMIS-29 Following Tibial Plafond Fracture
PI: Justin Haller, MD
Co-PI: Donald Anderson, PhD
Awarded Funds: $ 100,000
Funded by: OTA/AOTNA
Co-Branded Grant OTA/AOTNA

Title: Low Middle Income Country (LMIC) setting: Is Low Vitamin D associated with fracture risk in children younger than 10 years? A matched case control study
PI: Shahryar Noordin, MBBS, FCPS, FACS
Co-PI: Andrew Howard, Zulfiqar Bhutta 
Awarded Funds: $19,729
Funded by:  OTA
OTA International Grant

Title: Cast OFF-2: One versus four-five weeks of plaster cast immobilization for non-reduced distal radius fractures. A randomized stepped wedge design.
PI: Michael Edwards
Co-PI: Emily Boersma  
Awarded Funds: $20,000
Funded by:  OTA
OTA International Grant


Title: Evaluating the effect of combination local antibiotics on the treatment of chronic low-grade infection in the setting of fracture healing
PI: Jhase Sniderman, MD
Co-PI: Aaron  Nauth, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000
Funded by: OTA/FOT 

Title: Comparison of a Novel Modified All-Suture Construct Versus Suture-Button Fixation in a Syndesmotic Injury Model
PI: Hayden Patrick Baker, MD
Co-PI: Daryl  Dillman, Jason  Strelzow, Kelly  Hynes
Awarded Funds: $19,820
Funded by: OTA/FOT 

Title: Treatment of Humeral Shaft Fractures with Immediate Sarmiento Bracing
PI: Ferras Stephen Albitar, MD
Co-PI: Arun Aneja
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000
Funded by: OTA/FOT 

Title: Feasibility of a porcine model of compartment syndrome with associated tibia fracture
PI: Dillon Christopher O'Neill, MD
Co-PI: Justin Haller, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000
Funded by: OTA/FOT 

Title: Bicolumnar fixation of distal femur fractures through supplementation of lateral locked plating with medial column screw: A biomechanical study
PI: Joseph Henningsen, MD
Co-PI: Michael Prayson, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 7,110
Funded by: OTA/
Globus Medical 

Title: A novel approach to determining muscle viability using an oximeter
PI: Yu Min Suh
Co-PI: Robert Ostrum, MD
Awarded Funds: $19,902.00
Funded by: OTA/Zimmer Biomet                                                                                        

Title: Targeted Delivery of GSK-3β Inhibitor Loaded Nanoparticles for Fracture Healing in a Murine Nonunion Model
PI: Brittany Haws, MD
Co-Danielle Benoit, John Ketz, MD
Awarded Funds: $20,000.00
Funded by: OTA/Zimmer Biomet

Title: A Novel Fluoroscopic Method for Evaluating Tibial Malrotation in Tibial Shaft Fractures: A Prospective Clinical Validation Study
PI: Michael Scott Roberts, MD
Co-PI: Patrick Schottel, MD
Awarded Funds: $17,042.00
Funded by: OTA

Title: Fabrication and Evaluation of a Ready-Made, Self-Contouring, Waterproof, and Easily Removable Cast for Extremity Immobilization
PI: Eamon Bernardoni, MD
Co-PI: Kyle Miller, MD, Laura Lins, Paul Whiting, MD, Wan-Ju Li
Awarded Funds: $ 19,998.14
Funded by: The AirCast Foundation

Title: 4DCT Analysis of Syndesmostic Motion after Posterior Malleolus Fixation
PI: Murray Wong
Co-PI: Prism Schneider, MD, PhD
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000.00 
Funded by: OTA

Title: Characterization of Local Soft Tissue Antibiotic Pharmacokinetics Following Routine Tourniquet Use for Closed Lower Extremity Fracture Surgery
PI: Thomas Lynch, MD
Co-PI: Joseph  Wenke, MD, Sarah  Pierrie, MD, Taylor  Bates, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 19,550.00
Funded by: OTA