2019 Grants


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Title: A Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Percutaneous Screw Fixation to Non-Operative Management for the Treatment of Sacral Fragility Fractures 
Principal Investigator: Clifford B Jones, MD, FACS
Co-Investigator: Michael McKee, MD, Niloofar Dehghan, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 79,208 
Funded by: OTA/Zimmer

Title:The Development and Preliminary Assessment of a Patient-Reported Functional Outcome Measure for Proximal Humerus Fracture Patients
Principal Investigator: Emil H Schemitsch, MD  
Co-Investigator: Michael McKee, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 79,917
Funded by: OTA/Smith & Nephew

Title: Can Soft Tissue Perfusion Measured by Real-time Laser Assisted Indocyanine Green Angiography Predict Post-Operative Wound Complications in High 
Principal Investigator: Gerard P Slobogean, MD, MPH, FRCSC  
Co-Investigator: Raymond Pensy, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 79,579
Funded by: OTA/The Aircast Foundation

Title: Introducing Wire Navigation Simulation to the OTA Resident Fracture Courses
Principal Investigator: Matthew D Karam, MD  
Co-Investigator: Donald Anderson, PhD
Awarded Funds: $ 79,286
Funded by: OTA

Title: Biofilm detection for early diagnosis after treatment of open fractures: A nested cohort within the PREP-IT Trials.  {Bio-PREP (B-PREP)}
Principal Investigator: Aaron J Johnson, MD, MS 
Co-Investigator: Robert O'Toole, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 100,000
Funded by: OTA/AOTNA

Title: Concurrent Administration of Kartogenin and Anakinra for the Prevention and Treatment of Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis in a Rat Model of Intraarticular Fracture 
Principal Investigator: Stephen Goldman, PhD 
Co-Investigator: Benjamin Potter, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 49,819
Funded by: OTA

Title: Diagnosing acute compartment syndrome using an intramuscular pH probe: what pH level equates to impending cell death and are some muscles more susceptible than others to ischemia?
Principal Investigator: Alan John Johnstone, FRCS 
Co-Investigator: Andrew Schmidt, MD, Derek Ball, MD
Awarded Funds: $30,000
Funded by: OTA


Title: Local Multimodal Analgesia for Tibial Plateau Fractures
Principal Investigator: Patrick Kellam, MD 
Co-Investigator: Justin Haller, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 12,348.84
Funded by: OTA/DePuy                     

Title: Early Weightbearing vs Delayed Weightbearing After Surgical Fixation of Unstable Ankle Fractures with Syndesmosis Disruption:  A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Principal Investigator: William K Roache, MD 
Co-Investigator: Michael McKee, MD, Niloofar Dehghan, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 19,744
Funded by: OTA/DePuy

Title: Evaluation of Shoulder Ptosis after Middle Third Clavicle Fractures to Predict Patient Reported Outcomes
Principal Investigator: Malcolm Rutledge DeBaun, MD 
Co-Investigator: Michael Gardner, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000
Funded by: OTA/FOT

Title: Virtual Reality for Pain Management in Orthopaedic Trauma Patients: A Prospective Randomized Control Pilot Study
Principal Investigator: Eitan Micah Ingall, MD
Co-Investigator: Marilyn Heng, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 17,066
Funded by: OTA/FOT  

Title: Return to Driving after Orthopaedic Trauma and Correlation with Patient-Reported Outcomes
Principal Investigator: Chang-Yeon Kim, MD 
Co-Investigator: Heather Vallier, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000
Funded by: OTA/FOT

Title: Prospective Isolation of Skeletal Stem Cells from Acute Fractures
Principal Investigator: Lawrence Henry Goodnough, MD/PhD
Co-Investigator: Charles Chan, MD, Michael Gardner, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000
Funded by: OTA                                                                    

Title: Dynamic CT Analysis of Normal Syndesmosis Motion and Syndesmosis Motion after Static and Dynamic Fixation
Principal Investigator: Murray Wong
Co-Investigator: Prism Schneider
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000
Funded by: OTA

Title: Caspofungin elution from bone cement: biomechanics and mean biofilm erradication concentration
Principal Investigator: Jessica Davis Burns, MD, MPH
Co-Investigator: Michael McKee, MD, Alex McLaren, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 9,200
Funded by: OTA

Title: Malnourishment in orthopaedic trauma patients and the effect of nutritional supplementation on surgical outcomes
Principal Investigator: Timothy R Niedzielak, D.O.  
Co-Investigator: Anna Roman-Pleschko, MD, Blaze Emerson, MD, Blaze Emerson, MD
Awarded Funds: $20,000
Funded by: OTA

Title: Utility of Serum Biomarkers in Diagnosing Fracture-related Infections: A Pilot Study
Principal Investigator:  Robert Wessel, MD
Co-Investigator: Roman Natoli, MD
Awarded Funds: $20,000
Funded by: OTA

Title: Patient Adherence to Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in Orthopaedic Trauma Patients: A Randomized, Controlled Trial Comparing Subcutaneous Enoxaparin and Oral Rivaroxaban
Principal Investigator: Benjamin D Streufert, MD
Co-Investigator: Hassan Mir, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 17,194
Funded by: OTA

Title: Crash safety analysis of rear facing vehicular restraint systems for hip spica casted infants utilizing casted pediatric crash test dummies
Principal Investigator: Angela Collins, MD, PhD
Co-Investigator: James Ostrander
Awarded Funds: $20,000
Funded by: OTA