OTA Leadership and Governance


Board of Directors

President: Michael D. McKee, MD
President-Elect: Heather A. Vallier, MD
1st President Elect: Michael Archdeacon, MD 
Secretary:  Thomas F. Higgins, MD
Chief Financial Officer:  Douglas W. Lundy, MD
Immediate Past President: David Teague, MD 
2nd Past President: William Ricci, MD
Member at Large:  Chad P. Coles, MD
Member at Large: Philip R. Wolinsky, MD
Member at Large: Joseph Hsu, MD
Annual Meeting Program Chair: Stephen Kottmeier, MD

Committee Chairs

American College of Surgeons - Committee on Trauma Representative:  Anna N. Miller, MD, FACS
Annual Meeting Program Chair: Stephen Kottmeier, MD
Basic Science: Aaron Nauth, MD
Bylaws and Hearings: Thomas A. DeCoster, MD
Classification and Outcomes: Matthew D. Karam, MD 
Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness: Roman A. Hayda, MD
Education: Samir Mehta, MD
Evidence Based Quality & Value: Jaimo Ahn, MD 
Fellowship and Career Choices: Madhav Karunakar, MD 
Fellowship Match Compliance: Jason W. Roberts, MD
Finance and Audit: Douglas W. Lundy, MD
Fund Development/Vendor Policy: Daniel S. Horwitz, MD
Health Policy and Planning: Todd A. Swenning, MD
Humanitarian: R. Richard Coughlin, MD

International Relations: Hans-Christopher Pape, MD
Membership:  Milan K, Sen, MD
Military: Lt. Col. Christopher LeBrun, MD (USAF)
Nominating and Past Presidents Liaison: William Ricci, MD
Practice Management: Frank Liporace, MD
Publications: Michael J. Gardner, MD

Public Relations and Branding: Mark Lee, MD
OTA Online Discussion Forum Committee: Hassan Mir, MD
Research: Andrew Trenholm, MD
Strategic Research Initiative: Saam Morshed, MD, PhD

Traveling Fellowship: Anna Miller, MD




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