John Border, MD Memorial Lectures


Supported jointly by OTA and AO/North America 

This lectureship was established to honor the memory of Dr. John Border. 

John Border was instrumental in the development of modern trauma care and in particular, modern orthopaedic trauma care. He was the pioneer in the concept of total care and the implications of the orthopaedic injuries on the total management of the trauma patient. He was also a surgeon scientist, using both his clinical observations and basic science research to further his patient care in Orthopaedic Trauma.


How Can I Change the World?
Robert Probe, MD, MBA

2022 We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: Our Mentors Our Teachers
David L. Helfet, MD
2020 Stephen K. Benirschke, MD
2019 What Matters
Milton Chip L. Routt, MD
2018 The Evolution of the Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon in North America
John H. Wilber, MD
2017 Observations in Innovation
Roy Sanders, MD
2016 In a Climate of Healthcare as a Commodity, What is the Role of the Individual Surgeon?
Keith A. Mayo, MD
2015 Minimally Invasive Surgery - Past, Present, Future
Christian Krettek, MD
2014 Long Term Careers in Orthopaedic Trauma: System Design and Career Development
Andrew R. Burgess, MD
2013 Skeletal Trauma: Global Conundrum
Bruce D. Browner, MD
 2012 Orthopaedic Trauma - My Perspective
James F. Kellam, MD, FRCS(C), FACS
2011 Femoral Neck Fracture Management - WWJD (John)?
Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD
 2010 Travels With John 2.0
Sigvard T. Hansen, Jr. MD
 2009 Trauma Surgery Is Not Supposed To Be Easy
Lawrence B.  Bone, MD
 2008 Orthopaedic Trauma Education: Industrial Strenght?
Peter G. Trafton, MD,
 2007 Once and Future Trauma Systems: Role of the Orthopaedic Surgeon
A. Brent Eastman, MD, FACS
 2006 Forty Years of Pelvic Trauma: Looking Back, Looking Forward
Marvin Tile, MD 
 2005 Delaying Emergency Fracture Care - Fact of Fad 
Robert N. Meek, MD
 2004 The Future of Education in Orthopaedic Surgery
Michael W. Chapman, MD
 2003 Tracking patient Outcomes: Lessons Learned and Future Directions in Trauma Orthopaedics
Ellen J. MacKenzie, PhD
 2002 Thoughts on our Future Progress in Acetabular and Pelvic Fracture Surgery
Joel M. Matta, MD
 2001 Cancelled 
 2000 The Metamorphosis of the Trauma Surgeon to the Reconstructionist
Jeffrey W. Mast, MD
 1999 The Changing Role fo Internal Fixation - A Lifetime Pespective
Sigvard T. Hansen, MD 
 1998 Travels with John: Blunt Multiple Trauma
Sigvard T. Hansen, MD
 1997 Trauma Care in Europe before and after John Border: The Evolution of Trauma Management at the University of Hannover
Professor Harold Tscheme, MD