2020 Grants


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Title: Inflammatory Response to Trauma - Does Early Cytokine Modulation Improve Patient Outcome?
PI:  Arun Aneja, MD, PhD
Co-PI: Andrew Bernard
Awarded Funds: $ 80,000
Funded by: OTA/DePuy Synthes

Title: DIFFIR: Geriatric Distal Femur Fixation versus Replacement – A Randomized Controlled Trial of Acute Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) versus Distal Femoral Replacement (DFR)
PI: Amir Khoshbin, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Co-PI: Aaron Nauth, MD, Jesse  Wolfstadt, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 80,000
Funded by: OTA/KCI an Acelity Company

Title: Infected Nonunions: Single-Stage Treatment with Endothelial Progenitor Cell Therapy +/- Local Vancomycin in a Small Animal Model
PI: Aaron Nauth, MD
Co-PI: Emil Schemitsch, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 50,000
Funded by: OTA

Title: Axially Vascularized 3d-Printed Bone Flaps
PI: Mitchell Bernstein, MD
Co-PI: Jake Barralet, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 49,997
Funded by: The AirCast Foundations

Title: Ultrasound-based Surgical Navigation for Iliosacral Screw Fixation
PI: Pierre Guy, MD, MBA
Co-PI: Antony Hodgson, MD, Prashant Pandey, PhD (cand.)
Awarded Funds: $ 47,601
Funded by: OTA

Title: Optimization of an Acute Care Biomaterial Strategy to Facilitate Improved Tissue Regeneration Following Composite Musculoskeletal Trauma
PI: Christopher L Dearth, PhD
Co-PI: Kyle Potter, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 50,000
Funded by: OTA

Title: The Effect of Cigarette Smoke vs. Vaporized Nicotine (“Vaping”) on Healing of a Rat Femur
PI: Matthew Robert Garner, MD
Co-PI: Aman Dhawan, MD, Gregory Lewis, PhD
Awarded Funds: $ 24,986
Funded by: OTA

Title: Smart Fracture Plate for Monitoring Healing After Plate Osteosynthesis 
PI: Eric H Ledet, PhD
Co-PI: Michael Archdeacon, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 49,957
Funded by: OTA

Title: Hypercoagulability After Hip Fracture as Determined by Thrombelastography
PI: Prism Schneider, MD, PHD, FRCSC
Co-PI: Daniel You
Awarded Funds: $ 200,000
Funded by: OREF/OTA

Co-Branded Grant OREF and OTA

Title: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate Local Antibiotics after Open Tibia Fracture in Tanzania
PI: Billy Thomson Haonga, MD
Co-PI:  David Shearer, MD
Awarded Funds: $30,000
Funded by:  OTA

OTA International Grant


Title: Targeted Delivery of Fetuin Using Titania Nanotubes for Prevention and Treatment of Heterotopic Ossification
Principal Investigator: Xin Yu Mei, MD
Co-Investigator: Paul Kuzyk, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000
Funded by: OTA/FOT

Title: Thrombelastography-Defined Duration of Hypercoagulability Following Pelvis and Acetabular Fractures
Principal Investigator: Daniel Zheng You, MD
Co-Investigator: Prism Schneider, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000
Funded by: OTA/FOT                                                                

Title: Thermal output of oscillation versus clockwise drilling of cortical bone
Principal Investigator: Suman Medda, MD
Co-Investigator: Holly Pilson, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 17,122
Funded by: OTA/FOT

Title: Banana Bag and the Prevention of Postoperative Delirium in Geriatric Fracture Patients
Principal Investigator: Colin T Ackerman, MD
Co-Investigator: Rakesh Malhotra, MD, Saqib Rehman, MD
Awarded Funds: $ 20,000
Funded by: OTA/FOT

Title: The Effect of Cannibidiol (Cbd) on Bone Density, Fracture Risk And Fracture Healing
Principal Investigator: Rivka Chinyere Ihejirika, MD
Co-Investigator: Philipp Leucht, MD
Awarded Funds: $20,000
Funded by: OTA/FOT

Title: Can Machine Learning Algorithms Accurately Predict Short-Term Complications Following Operative Treatment of Hip Fractures: Proof of Concept Study
Principal Investigator:  Anirudh K Gowd, MD
Co-Investigator: Dev Patel, Edward Beck, Joseph Liu
Awarded Funds: $20,000
Funded by: OTA

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