Current Fellows


Current Fellows

Fellows Update - Fall 2023


OTA would like to acknowledge FOT for their generous grant to support of the current fellows attending the OTA 2023 Annual Meeting.


2023 - 2024 Fellows 

Fellows Course Ad

Thursday, April 18 (1:00 pm) - Sunday, April 21 (12:00 pm)
Invites were sent out to the current fellowship class on November 9, if you did not receive it, please reach out to Vanessa Morales for the invite & registration link. 

Course Chairs: Paul Tornetta III, MD, PhD; Dan Horwitz, MD & Stephen Kottmeier, MD and Participating Faculty: Cory Collinge, MD; Kyle Jeray, MD; Cliff Jones, MD; Ross Leighton, MD; Frank Liporace, MD; Anna Miller, MD; Robert O'Toole, MD; Claude Sagi, MD; David Templeman, MD; Heather Vallier, MD & J. Tracy Watson, MD


2022- 2023 Recently Graduated Fellows

Thank you for those that were able to attend the Fellow Graduation Reception in Seattle.  For those not in attendance, your OTA certificate of completion will be mailed to you within the coming weeks.  Please confirm that OTA has your current mailing address on file. 




Online Educational Resources for Fellows 

Fellowship Compliance Committee 



All trauma fellows are expected to keep a case log through the OTA database. Case logs should be complete by July 31, or prior to completing your trauma fellowship. Trauma fellows that are part of an ACGME accredited program will log their cases through ACGME.

Case Log Instructions

Case Log - Login is the same as your OTA profile login

Core Competency Case List - The following is a list of core case considered necessary components of fellow education. For a program to have the depth and breadth of complex fracture and trauma exposure, all fellows must meet a minimum number of case participation in most of these areas.

If you have any problems with log in, please email Rachel O'Connell.

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Evaluation Templates

Following Your Fellowship

Fellowship Program Directory

Search and view fellowship program information using the links below.  

Questions regarding OTA Fellowship should be directed to Rachel O'Connell