Research Surveys



End-of-life Fracture Management and Quality Metrics

We would like to conduct a survey study to understand surgeons’ attitudes toward orthopaedic surgery near the end of life, and to determine whether concern regarding quality metrics (such as mortality and complication rate) impact the decision to operate in patients who are high risk. To our knowledge, this topic has not been investigated or described in the literature.


Orthopaedic Stereotypes

Short survey designed to identify social and economic barriers to orthopaedic careers Target population: All OTA members (including candidate members)


Management of Spinopelvic Dissociation Injuries

Spinopelvic dissociation (SPD) represents a complex pattern of injury that involves separation of the lumbar spine from the pelvis through multiplanar fractures of the sacrum


Fracture Fixation Surgical Report Model Development Proposal

We are conducting a study to reach a synoptic surgical report model for orthopedic fracture fixation based on professional consensus. The project involves multiple rounds designed


Telehealth and its Role in Orthopaedic Trauma Practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic

11 multiple choice questions pertaining to telehealth utilization in each participant’s experience during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as surgeons’ feelings about telehealth in their practice, and their expectations for the role telehealth will play in their practice moving forward
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