Research Surveys



OTA Member Survey on Mental Health Resources for Patient Care

The OTA has appointed a new Patient Mental Health Project Team. This Project Team is working to determine what existing patient mental health programs and resources are currently


What is a Hip Fracture

The goal of this study is to query practicing orthopaedic surgeons via an internet-based survey mechanism on a professional society website about what they consider should and


Triceps Surae Lengthening in Foot and Ankle Trauma

Gastrocnemius recession or tendoachilles lengthening procedures – herein grouped as "triceps surae lengthening" procedures – are advocated as adjunctive by some orthopaedic trauma


Orthopaedic Stereotypes

Orthopaedic surgeons have long been stereotyped as a homogeneous group of athletic, brash, physically fit individuals. This perception may have a negative influence on residency


Trochanteric Nail Length Preference

This survey asks respondents for their preference in trochanteric nail length and the reasons for their preferences. The goal is to determine whether trends exist with regards to
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