Research Surveys



Management of Grade 1 Open Distal Radius Fractures

Standard of care management for open fractures historically mandates emergent systemic antibiotic administration followed by urgent irrigation and debridement in the operating room


Management of Ankle Fractures with Syndesmotic Disruption

The purpose of our survey is to not only survey orthopaedic surgeons from multiple orthopaedic associations regarding their management of ankle fractures with concomitant syndesmotic disruption but also to use these responses to find patterns among surgeon factors, such as training, experience, and location.


Proximal Humerus Fractures: Survey of Post-Operative Protocols and Factors Affecting Treatment Decisions Amongst Shoulder and Elbow and Orthopedic Trauma Surgeons

The goals of this study are to evaluate standard post-operative protocols following surgical treatment of PHFs with ORIF, IM nailing, or arthroplasty, and evaluate which factors orthopedic shoulder and elbow and trauma surgeons are considering when deciding how to manage PHFs.


Orthopaedic Scooter Usage and Risk Survey

Understanding of orthopaedic scooter use prevalence and risks is long overdue in the field of orthopaedics. This survey of orthopaedic surgeons will provide meaningful information


HO Prophylaxsis After Acetabular Surgery

The purpose of this brief survey (3-5 minutes) is to better understand current prophylactic techniques and to help design a prospective study to investigate HO prevention. We appreciate your time and efforts.