Management of Blunt Pelvic Fracture Injuries in the Setting of Concomitant Urethral Injury



Controversy exists in the trauma literature as to the optimal management of blunt pelvic fracture associated urethral injuries. Some practitioners advocate for attempted endoscopic urethral realignment in the acute setting in attempts to avoid the need for future urethral reconstruction, while others advocate for placement of a suprapubic catheter with plans for delayed posterior urethroplasty 3-6 months following injury. The aim of the present study is to determine how the presence and management of urethral injuries in patients with concomitant pelvic fractures due to blunt trauma influences orthopaedic decision-making and management. The hope is that by evaluating this injury pattern from an orthopaedics perspective, urologists can take this data into account when determining optimal management strategies for individual patients. Target population: All active members who perform pelvic fracture surgery.