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Research: OTA’s Research Strategic Goal is to define orthopaedic trauma research needs and priorities and establish independent funding mechanisms that foster a high quality, innovative portfolio of research projects to address those needs and advance orthopaedic trauma care.

OTA offers the following grants: Resident Research Grants, Full Research Grants, International Grants, Young Investigators Grants, Collaborative Grants with partner organizations and Direct Topic Research Grants sponsored by Industry Partners. All research grant applications are reviewed by the OTA Research Committee, and upon committee recommendation, are approved by the OTA Board of Directors.

OTA cumulative grant funding: 1990 – 2023

  • 485 OTA research grants awarded totaling over $14 million dollars
  • 817 presentations
  • 354 publications
  • More than $95.5 million dollars of additional grant have been awarded to studies that began as OTA funded research studies.

Education: The Orthopaedic Trauma Association is dedicated to advancing the quality, availability and utilization of resources in education for members and nonmembers alike.  Taught by some of the most highly regarded traumatologists, orthopaedic trauma education is offered at every career stage.  An extensive array of educational platforms is offered - from live courses, to webinars and on-demand recorded content. 

OTA offers educational opportunities throughout the year and at the Annual Meeting. Between 2009 and 2023, the OTA has invested, with support by individual donors and grants from Industry Partners, $7,055,332 to provide education to 4,828 Residents and Fellows.  

  • Fall Residents Comprehensive Fracture Course: OTA invested $1,523,661 to provide education to 1,748 participants
  • Spring Residents Comprehensive Fracture Course: OTA invested $2,399,254 to provide education to 1,552 participants
  • Advanced Residents Course: OTA invested $1,261,433 to provide education to 849 participants
  • Fellows Course: OTA invested $1,870,984 to provide education to 679 participants

Please consider supporting one of OTA’s highest priorities and make a donation towards funding orthopaedic trauma research and education projects to advance the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injury.

Make Your Donation in Support of the Research and Education Fund


In 1990, a few years after its incorporation, the Orthopaedic Trauma Association was a fledgling and unseasoned group of a few hundred Orthopaedic Surgeons who wanted to improve the care of Orthopaedic Trauma patients. The vision of these pioneers was a noble one but realizing their dreams presented a plethora of obstacles to be overcome. Hurdles that likely would not have been cleared were it not for the hiring of Nancy Franzon as the Executive Director of the organization.

Over her nineteen years of service, it can easily be claimed that no other individual has done more to contribute to the success the OTA enjoys today. She directed the growth of the Annual Meeting into the premier conference for the world, grew membership exponentially and oversaw the creation of an enviable Research and Education Fund.

Sadly, Nancy left us through her passing on September 11, 2023. As the leaders of the OTA reflected on appropriate ways to honor and memorialize the critical role that Nancy played in growing the OTA into what it is today, we could think of no better tribute than a memorial fund that supports the ongoing support and development of the professionals that move us forward, a true passion of Nancy’s.

Please consider your philanthropic support as a thank you to Nancy for what she has done for all of us.

Make A Donation to the Nancy Franzon Memorial Fund Here


Global Outreach is a main focus of the OTA Strategic Plan: Position OTA as the primary global resource for orthopaedic trauma care through international collaboration while advocating for global trauma care and humanitarian assistance.

There is an immense global burden of trauma care and the World Health Organization (WHO) reports more than 90% of global deaths from injuries occur in low-and middle-income countries (LMIC). The Humanitarian Committee continues to increase accessibility to grow membership and has reduced annual member dues to $10/year. This low-cost membership allows LMIC access to focused online content, mentorship programs, regional online courses, access to the new OTA Online Textbook, Discussion Forum Community, and a $25 registration fee to attend the OTA Annual Meeting.

Since 2018, the OTA Humanitarian Committee raised awareness and donations to support the Humanitarian Scholarships.

Scholarships are awarded to eligible orthopaedic surgeons from low- and middle-income countries (classified by the World Bank). These scholarships to attend the OTA Annual Meeting and participate in observer ship programs are merit based, ranked on their potential contribution to the development of orthopaedic care in their home country, and will be awarded to the primary author of the winning abstracts submitted to OTA. Since its inception, OTA has awarded scholarships to surgeons from Cameroon, Rwanda, Nepal, Philippines, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Click here for more information about the OTA Humanitarian Scholarship initiative.

Your contributions help provide surgeons in LMIC access to scholarships and OTA online resources to further expand their training. With numerous travel restrictions, online educational platforms will bridge the “knowledge gap” and continue OTA’s commitment as a global leader in trauma education to LMIC.

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The OTA has a high regard for our military orthopaedic surgeons as well as their continuing medical education.  OTA's Annual Meeting offers significant educational benefits to our attending military orthopaedic surgeons. However, the reduction of federal funding in 2016 significantly reduced the level of continuing medical education support for active military orthopaedic surgeons. 

Since 2016, OTA has raised over $55,000 in contributions from both members and non-members towards awarding 88 Military Scholarships.

Your annual support will continue to provide OTA Military Orthopaedic Surgeons the opportunity to attend the OTA Annual Meeting, participate in educational courses, and ensure quality in the delivery of care for the orthopaedic trauma patient.

Please make your contribution today.

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Among the highest of priorities for the OTA is orthopaedic trauma research funding. The OTA funds trauma-related research projects to advance the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injury.

Residents can apply for up to $20,000 funding for clinical or basic research projects. All research grant applications are reviewed by the OTA Research Committee, and upon committee recommendation, are approved by the OTA Board of Directors.

Since 2006, with the support of member donations and industry partners, OTA has awarded 225 Resident Research Grants totaling $3,078,529.

Your contribution demonstrates a commitment and passion towards supporting OTA’s vision to be the authoritative resource for research, education, and treatment of injuries to improve a patient’s quality of life.  

Click here to learn more about some of the OTA Resident Research Grant Awardees and how your support has made an impact on their careers.

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The OTA Board of Directors believes the topic of physician wellness and moral injury to be of high importance. It remains a focus area of our strategic plan. In 2021, the OTA appointed a Moral Injury, Advocacy, and Member Well-Being Task Force which created a webpage providing self-assessment tools and resources.

This webpage and various links are available to provide a short introduction to the foundational ideas and concepts of physician wellness and its relation of burnout/moral injury.  The goal is to share this information to help stimulate more learning on these subjects, make it easier for us to open up about our own wellness, and each other’s wellness, and to normalize dialogue about these subjects.

Please consider making a donation to the Moral Injury, Advocacy and Member Well-Being Task Force Initiative so they may continue their work in providing and expanding physician wellness resources. We encourage all members who have not yet taken the time to complete a self-assessment to do so today.

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