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Among the highest of priorities for the OTA is orthopaedic trauma research funding. The OTA funds trauma-related research projects to advance the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injury. All research grant applications are reviewed by the OTA Research Committee, and upon committee recommendation, are approved by the OTA Board of Directors.

Orthopaedic research can improve peoples’ lives in many ways including furthering knowledge within the orthopaedic field, learning better ways to relieve pain, treating injuries and improve quality of life.

OTA cumulative grant funding from 1990 – 2020

  • Over 437 Research Grants Awarded, Totaling Over 12 Million Dollars
  • Over 578 Presentations
  • Over 248 Publications
  • Over 57.5 Million Dollars of additional grant awards to studies that began as OTA funded research studies

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Global Outreach has been identified as a key initiative of the OTA’s Strategic Plan. OTA is addressing this issue because there is a huge global burden of trauma care and the World Health Organization reports that more than 90% of global deaths from injuries occur in low- and middle-income countries.  In support of this strategic mission, the OTA Global Outreach Task Force and the Humanitarian Committee have many important initiatives planned for the coming year including humanitarian scholarships for international scholars, OTA membership for Low and Middle income countries orthopaedic trauma surgeons, and OTA online and resources for LMIC institutions/hospitals. Please support this important  100% of your donation goes directly to Global Outreach supporting humanitarian efforts.

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The Roy Sanders OTA Traveling Fellowship is designed as an immersive leadership experience for early to mid-career orthopaedic trauma surgeons. This leadership experience will broaden understanding and improve networking for the fellows, including a deeper OTA professional connection via an appointed senior mentor. Knowledge acquisition by discussion with various centers about clinical strategies, local trauma care variations, and an educational highlight with podium presentation at the OTA Annual Meeting further distinguishes the experience.  OTA hopes to enrich the lives of the traveling fellows and build future leaders in our organization with the fellowship experience and a subsequent OTA committee appointment for each fellow after completion of the fellowship. Host institutions should estimate three nights for all visiting fellows. 

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The Center for Orthopaedic Trauma Advancement (COTA) was established in 2009 to ensure the continued financial support of orthopaedic trauma fellowships in North America. COTA serves as a non-conflicted intermediary to allocate funds in support of fellowships by obtaining unrestricted grants from industry, individual giving and OTA.  In an effort to support the increasing numbers of qualified fellowship programs, COTA needs additional financial support. Please consider donating to COTA and the continued education of future orthopaedic traumatologists.

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RESIDENT Research Fund

A critical component to Research is Resident Research grants which supports “Resident Researchers, often leading to higher level research grants. OTA offers two Resident Research Grant submission cycles during the year. 

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It has come to OTA’s attention that changes in the federal budget for the military has reduced the level of support for continuing medical education and meeting attendance. The OTA has a high regard for our military orthopaedic surgeons as well as their continuing medical education.  The OTA Annual Meeting offers significant educational benefits to our Military Orthopaedic Surgeons attending. Your support to OTA Military Orthopaedic Surgeons gives them the opportunity to attend the OTA Annual Meeting.

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This fund was established from a 2019 Fellowship Program Competition In support of  the OTA Fellows Course, the Fellows Webinar Series, the Annual Meeting Pre-Meeting Young Practitioners Forum and OTA Research & Education.  Fellows are highly regarded as they continue their specialty training as future global Orthopaedic Traumatologists.  OTA needs your support to continue to provide Fellows with excellence in education. 

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ota Member WELLNESS

Physician Wellness has been identified as one key initiative included as part of the OTA’s Strategic Plan.  Statistics show a high influx of physician burnout, stress and a lack of balance in a physicians life. The OTA has appointed a Task Force charged with researching and developing impactful physician wellness resources. Please support this incredible OTA initiative.

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The pandemic taught us flexibility and a new way of communicating, educating, learning and providing interactive experiences.  Through it all we have not only adapted, but grown in higher proficiencies, skills, practices and expectations.

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