Sponsorships and Marketing


Website Banner Ad rates:

These ads appear on the bottom of each page for 90 days

  • Year round ads are $8,000.  
  • Winter and Spring banner ads are $2,000
  • Summer and Fall banner ads are $3,000
  • Banner ads should be submitted as 960 x 127 pixels (300 dpi)

Newsletter Digital Ads

These 1/4 page ads appear in OTA's quarterly online newsletter read by over 2,700 orthopaedic trauma surgeons and decision makers.

  • Year round ads:  Winter, Spring & Fall 1/4 page ad are $6,000
  • Winter or Spring ads are  $2,000 per ad, per issue  
  • Fall ads are $3,000 per ad, per issue
  • Fracture Line Ads should be submitted as 3.72” wide x 4.625” tall (300 dpi)

Package Rates:

If you reserve three or more ads with OTA, we offer a 15% discount. Email ota@ota.org to guarantee your company is seen.