OTA Fracturebook: Current Practice of Trauma and Fracture Management


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Editor: Anna N. Miller, MD, FACS, FIOTA
Deputy Editor: Hassan R. Mir, MD, MBA, FACS, FIOTA

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Basic Science and General Principles

Section Editor: Philipp Leucht, MD

Chapter Chapter Title Authors
1 Classification of Fractures and Taxonomy Larry Marsh; Jaclyn Jankowski
2 Biology of Fracture Healing and Repair Jaimo Ahn; Giselle Hernandez
3 Biology of Cartilage, Tendon, and Soft Tissue Healing and Repair Diane Nam; Jana Davis
4 Biomechanics of Bone and Fracture Healing Matt Karam; David Stockton
5 Biomechanics of Orthopaedic Implants Brett Crist; Jonathan Dubin
6 Metabolic Bone Disease and Osteoporosis Steve Kates; Susan McDowell
7 Stress Fractures Paul Gladden; Trey Martin; Krishna Vemulapalli
8 Pathologic Fractures Will Eward; Arun Aneja
9 Medical Influences on Orthopaedic Trauma Including Diabetes and Obesity Brian Mullis; Yohan Jang
10 Orthobiologics in Orthopaedic Trauma Peter Giannoudis; Chris Lee
11 Musculoskeletal Imaging for Trauma and Radiation Safety Andy Schmidt; Emily Wagstrom; Lina Chen
12 AI and Digital Technology Chris Krettek; Meir Marmor; Amir Matityahu
13 Epidemiology, Socioeconomic Disparities, and Social Determinants of Health in Musculoskeletal Injury Charles Court-Brown; Lisa K. Cannada
14 Shared Decision Making in Limb-Threatening Trauma Casey Humbyrd
15 Trauma Systems Andy Pollak; Trey Gurich
16 Value-Based Care and Case Costing Kevin Bozic; Eric Swart; Brian Cunningham
17 Orthopaedic Trauma Billing Brad Henley; Brian Cunningham
18 Practice Management and Social Media Doug Lundy; Richard Yoon; Jan Szatkowski
19 Implant Design and Development Tony Russell; Jan Szatkowski
  Biofilms Dan Schlatterer

Fracture Treatment and Outcomes

Section Editor: Derek Donegan

Chapter Chapter Title Authors
20 Nonsurgical Fracture Management Principles Paul Tornetta; Brian Schneiderman; Brandon Wilkinson
21 Traction and External Fixation Principles Tracy Watson; Emily Benson; Ashley Lamb
22 Surgical Fracture Management Principles James Kellam; Patrick Kellam; Lucas Marchand
23 Ring Fixator Management Principles Stuart Gold; Stephen Quinnan; Chris Perkins; Robert Hernandez-Irizarry
24 Preoperative Templating and Planning David Helfet; Tim Achor
25 Outcomes in Orthopaedic Trauma Leah Gitajin; William Ryan
26 Postoperative Management and Rehabilitation Dan Horwitz; Adam Lee
27 Venous Thromboembolic Disease in Orthopaedic Trauma James Krieg; Meelan Patel
28 Perioperative Pain Management in Musculoskeletal Injury Mark Hake; Mike Beebe
29 Heterotopic Ossification after Trauma David Volgas; Daniel Bravin
30 Malunion Animesh Agarwal; Boris Zelle
31 Nonunion and Bone Defects Stephen Kottmeier; Paul Matuszewski
32 Infection and Osteomyelitis Rahul Vaidya; David Zuelzer; Mike Sirkin
33 Post-Traumatic Arthritis Steve Olson; Justin Haller


Trauma Management Principles

Section Editor: Geoffrey Maracek

Chapter Chapter Title Authors
34 Polytrauma Patient Management Heather Vallier; Mai Nguyen
35 Military and Gunshot Injury Management Dan Stinner; Jason Strelzow
36 Disaster and Mass Casualty Management Roman Hayda; Erin Farrelly
37 Open Fracture and Wound Management (include Morel-Lavallee here) Samir Mehta; Matt Sullivan
38 Acute Compartmental Syndrome Bob O'Toole; Lauren Tatman
39 Mangled Extremity Management Tom Higgins; James Blair
40 Soft Tissue Coverage Principles Marty Boyer; David Brogan; Mitch Pet
41 Nerve Injury Management Christopher Dy; Jeff Stepan
42 Trauma-Related Amputations Alex Trompeter; Munjed Al Muderis
43 Mental Health and Post-Traumatic Stress Screening and Psychosocial Influence on Recovery David Ring; Ryan Will 
44 Domestic Violence: Pediatric, Geriatric, and Intimate Partner and Violence Prevention Prism Schneider; Sheila Sprague
45 Management of Orthopaedic Trauma in Austere Environments (Low-Middle Income Countries) Paul Whiting; Ted Miclau; Todd Mailly
46 Geriatric and Osteoporotic Fracture Management Considerations Toni McLaurin; Kyle Schweser


Upper Extremity

Section Editor: Andy Choo

Chapter Chapter Title Authors
47 Clavicle Fractures Aaron Nauth; Mansur Halai
48 Acromioclavicular and Sternoclavicular Joint Injuries Mitch Bernstein; Jon Carlson
49 Glenoid and Scapula Fractures Jonah Herbert-Davies; Alex Stroh
50 Proximal Humerus Fractures Mike Gardner; Jennifer Tangtiphaiboontana
51 Humeral Shaft Fractures Phil Wolinsky; Holly Pilson
52 Distal Humerus Fractures Nirmal Tejwani; Mary Kate Erdman
53 Upper Extremity Periprosthetic Fractures Mike McKee; Niloofar Dehghan
54 Elbow Dislocations, Fracture-Dislocations, and Terrible Triad Injuries Andrew Duckworth; Mike Talerico; Adam Watts
55 Proximal Forearm Fractures: Olecranon, Monteggia, and Radial Head and Neck Fractures Cliff Jones; Patrick Schottel
56 Radius and Ulna Shaft and Galleazzi Fractures John Scolaro; Philip Lim
57 Distal Radius and Ulna Fractures George Ochenjele; Muhammad Tahir
58 Carpal Fractures and Dislocations Ruby Grewal; Kendrick Au
59 Metacarpal and Phalanx Fractures and Dislocations Sanj Kakar; Eric Wagner; Nina Suh


Lower Extremity

Section Editor: John Scolaro

Chapter Chapter Title Authors
60 Femoral Head Fractures and Fracture-Dislocations Mike Archdeacon; Joseph Elsissy; Joey Johnson
61 Femoral Neck Fractures Cory Collinge; Augustine Saiz
62 Arthroplasty for Hip and Acetabular Fractures Joel Matta; Navid Ziran; Philip Kregor
63 Peritrochanteric Hip Fractures Matthew Klima; Ken Egol
64 Subtrochanteric Femur Fractures David Barei; Brandon Yuan
65 Atypical Femur Fractures David Wellman; Gele Moloney
66 Femoral Shaft Fractures Kyle Jeray; Nikki Stevens
67 Distal Femur Fractures Bill Ricci; Krystin Hidden
68 Lower Extremity Periprosthetic Fractures Ross Leighton; Phil Mitchell
69 Patellar Fractures and Dislocations and Extensor Mechanism Injuries Greg Della Rocca; Steve Rivero; Ernest Chisena
70 Knee Dislocations Bill Obremskey; Krunal Soni
71 Tibial Plateau Fractures and Fracture-Dislocations Bob Zura; Mani Kahn
72 Tibia and Fibula Shaft Fractures Erik Kubiak; Joseph Patterson
73 Tibial Pilon Fractures Steve Benirschke; John Munz
74 Ankle Fractures and Fracture-Dislocations David Teague
75 Talus Fracture and Fracture-Dislocations Robert Probe; Bethany Gallagher
76 Calcaneus Fractures and Achilles Tendon Injuries Roy Sanders; Brad Meulenkamp
77 Midfoot and Forefoot Fractures and Dislocations Bruce Sangeorzan; Brian Weatherford


Spine, Ribs, Pelvis, & Acetabulum

Section Editor: Kelly LeFaivre

Chapter Chapter Title Authors
78 Spine Trauma Principles Rick Bransford; Jacob Hoffmann; James Showery
79 Cervical Spine Fractures and Dislocations Alex Vaccaro; Chris Kepler
80 Thoracolumbar Spine Fractures and Dislocations Carlo Bellabarba; Jeremie Larouche
81 Chest Wall Injuries Peter Cole; Ben Taylor
82 Pelvic Ring Injuries and Spinopelvic Dissociation Chip Routt; Stephen Warner; Jon Eastman
83 Acetabulum Fractures Claude Sagi; Luke Lopas; Mike Maceroli


Editor: Benton Heyworth, MD

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