2008 Highlight Paper Winners


Moderators: Andrew H. Schmidt, MD and William M. Ricci, MD

What Authors Don’t Tell Us: The Quality of Reporting of Orthopaedic Randomized Trials Using a Checklist for Nonpharmacological Therapies
Simon Chan, MD; Mohit Bhandari, MD


Financial Viability of an Orthopaedic Trauma System
Peter L. Althausen, MD, MBA;
Daniel Coll, BS, PA-C; Michael Cvitash, BMS, PA-C; Timothy J. O’Mara, MD; Timothy J. Bray, MD;


Have We Hit the Critical Defect Trifecta?  Immediate Weight Bearing, Healing and a Biodegradable Carrier in a Canine Model  
Rena L. Stewart, MD
; James P. Stannard, MD; David A. Volgas, MD; Justin Duke, MD; Tien-Min Chu, PhD;


Conjunctival Contamination Is Significantly Reduced with Appropriate Eye Protection  
Alfred A. Mansour, III, MD; Jesse L. Even, MD; Sharon Phillips, MSPH; Jennifer L. Halpern, MD


Clinical Outcomes of 3- and 4-part Proximal Humerus Fractures:  Open Reduction and Internal Fixation versus Hemiarthroplasty    
Brian D. Solberg, MD
; Charles N. Moon, MD; Dennis P. Franco, MD; Guy D. Paiement, MD; 


Computed Tomography Assessment of Hip Instability in Posterior Wall Acetabular Fractures   
Berton R. Moed, MD
; David Ajibade, MD; Heidi Israel, PhD;


Percutaneous Compression Plating Compared to Sliding Hip Screw Fixation of Pertrochanteric Hip Fractures:  A Prospective Randomized Study
Edward Yang, MD
; Sheeraz Qureshi, MD; Shawn Trokhan, MD; David Joseph, MD


Piriformis versus Trochanteric Antegrade Nailing of Femoral Fractures: A Prospective Randomized Study   
James P. Stannard, MD
; David A. Volgas, MD; Larry S. Bankston, MD; Jonathan K. Jennings;  Rena L. Stewart, MD; Jorge E. Alonso, MD


A Prospective Multicenter Study of Intramedullary Nailing versus Casting of Stable Tibial Fractures   
SouthEast Fracture Consortium; William T. Obremskey, MD, MPH


Prospective Cohort Trial of External Fixation versus Internal Fixation of Distal Tibia Plafond Fractures     
William T. Obremskey, MD, MPH; The Southeast Fracture Consortium

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