Young Femoral Neck Fractures: Tips, Tricks, and Implants to Optimize Outcomes


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21 Aneja Webinar


This webinar will cover concepts of early diagnosis/management, surgical approaches, tips and tricks to achieve goal of anatomic reduction, and modern implants options that maintain reduction.  It will be lecture based with case presentations included to drive home key points.  The moderator and presenter will begin by identifying what determines outcome of high energy femoral neck fractures, discussing topics of open versus closed reduction and timing.  The second presenter will discuss the surgical approaches, and steps/techniques used to achieve and maintain reduction. The final presenter will discuss current implants that maintain reduction and provide optimal biomechanical integrity.  The webinar will conclude with challenging cases, how they were addressed and outcomes. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Define predictors of outcome after high energy femoral neck fractures in the young patient.
  2. Describe anatomic and radiographic parameters for fracture reduction and implant placement.
  3. List the steps and techniques used to achieve and maintain reduction.
  4. Anticipate failure modes and state ways to empower construct stability for avoidance of failure.


Arun Aneja
Moderator: Arun Aneja, MD


Arun Aneja, MD


Eben Carroll, MD

Matthew Graves, MD

Samir Mehta, MD

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