All webinars listed below will occur at 8 PM CT/ 9PM PT. You must register individually to attend each. To register, click on the Webinar Title. 


Webinar Title
 1/25/2023  Periarticular Nailing of Lower Extremity Fractures  Raveesh Richard, MD
 3/22/2023   Orthopedic Treatment for Adults With Moderate/Severe Osteogenesis Imperfecta  Jill Flanagan, MD
 3/29/2023  Indications, Evidence and Techniques for the Fixation of Chest Wall Fractures  Peter Cole, MD
 4/25/2023   Geriatric fractures: don’t fix it, replace it! Lisa Cannada, MD
 5/24/2023  Women in Orthopaedic Trauma  Giselle Hernandez, MD
 6/28/2023  Distal Femur Periprosthetic Fractures:  There are too many options, and which one is correct  Arun Aneja, MD
7/26/2023 Identification and treatment of sacral U fractures in elderly patients.  David Volgas, MD
 8/23/2023  Optimizing patient mental and social health following trauma  Heather Vallier, MD
 8/30/2023  Advocacy for Orthopaedic Trauma Anna Miller, MD
 9/27/2023 Principles in the Management of Civilian Ballistic Injuries  Samir Mehta, MD
 10/25/2023  Complex elbow fracture-dislocations: Trans-olecranon fracture dislocations and Monteggia variants Andrew Choo, MD
 11/29/2023   Failed IT fractures: What's best for patients?  Alex Stroh, MD