Infection After Fracture Fixation: Diagnosis, Treatment, and When Do You Need to Remove the Hardware?



This webinar will contain a series of short lectures by experts in the field focusing on modern controversies in treating infections after fracture surgery.  The webinar will conclude with an interactive case discussion and a chance to answer questions from the audience.


Infection after fracture fixation remains a major problem in orthopaedic trauma and is an important public health concern in the field of surgery in general.  Recent data has emerged regarding diagnosis and treatment that may change our practices, yet many questions remain.  This topic remains a challenge to clinicians and this webinar will attempt to identify and address many of the main current controversies.


1. Improve knowledge of scope and nature of current problems in infection after fracture surgery

2. Increase awareness of controversies regarding treatment of infection after fracture surgery

3. Define emerging changes in practice based on new research and technologies


Dr. Robert O'Toole

Moderator: Robert V. O'Toole, MD

Willem-Jan Metsemakers, MD, PhD

Manjari G. Joshi, MBBS

Samir Mehta, MD

Christopher Doro, MD



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