Current All-Internal Techniques for Bone Defects


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Course Description

Case-based webinar around bone defect reconstruction using all-internal strategies. Current available implants have allowed surgeons to make the transition away from external-fixator based techniques.  Integrated technique and all-internal techniques are being used to eliminate complications associated with ring fixators. It would be important to have experts weigh-in on current indications and pitfalls.

Learning Objectives

  1. List indications for all-internal techniques
  2. Understand evolution and pitfalls for combining internal and external fixation
  3. Describe technical skills needed for plate-assisted bone transport
  4. Describe technical skills needed for bone transport nails


Moderator: Mitchell Bernstein, MD

Mitchell Bernstein
Moderator: Mitchell Bernstein, MD
  1. Robert Rozbruch, MD
  2. Austin Fragomen, MD
  3. Steve Quinnan, MD