COVID-19: Preparedness in Orthopaedic Trauma OTA Panel Discussion


round 2: April 2, 2020 at 8PM Eastern time


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webinar faculty

Covid-19 Webinar Faculty


Join us this evening as key Orthopaedic Trauma Association surgeons discuss how to best prepare yourself, your patients, and those who rely on you in the current Covid-19 climate. Invited faculty will host and dissect key issues that are now being asked around the world in this round-table panel. 

panel discussion topics

  • Role of the orthopaedic trauma surgeon at their hospital / in their health system
  • Admit vs. Telemedicine and Outpatient Alternatives
    • Admit and fix or send home and schedule in follow-up?
    • Use of telemedicine to monitor patients
    • Who should be "seen" in outpatient setting?
  • Covering the trauma center - faculty models
  • residents and fellows
  • Methods to transition patients out of the hospital quickly after surgery (convert inpatient procedures to outpatient procedures)
  • Update on the disease - projections / what is happening / where this is going
  • How to educate learners


Free and open to all.

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