Saturday March 6, 2021



Combined Session OTA/LLRS
10:00am EST – 12:50pm EST

Combined Symposium OTA/LLRS

Management of Bone Loss, Infection, and Amputation Reconstruction

(All times listed in Eastern Standard Time)


10:00am - 10:05am     Welcome and Introduction             
                                         Stephen Quinnan, MD, Mitch Bernstein, MD - LLRS    
                                         Michael McKee, MD, J. Tracy Watson, MD - OTA        


10:05am - 11:30am     Part I:  Innovations in Bone Defect Management 
                                         Moderators:  Mitch Bernstein, MD / J. Tracy Watson, MD


10:05am – 10:15am    Bone Defects in 2020: Conventional Treatment
                                         Michael J. Gardner, MD

10:15am - 10:25am     Induced Membrane Grafting / 3D Titanium Cages
                                         Kevin Tetsworth, MD FRACS

10:25am - 10:35am     Treatment of LLD with Internal Lengthening Nail
                                         J. Tracy Watson, MD

10:35am - 10:45am     Acute Shortening and Lengthening
                                         S. Robert Rozbruch, MD

10:45am - 10:55am     Plate Assisted Bone Segment Transport (PABST)
                                         Matthew P Gardner, MD

10:55am - 11:05am     Bone Transport Nail
                                         J Spence Reid, MD

11:05am - 11:15am     Transport and Then Nailing (BC-TATN)
                                         Stephen M Quinnan, MD

11:15am - 11:30am     DISCUSSION


11:30am - 11:45am     BREAK

11:45am - 12:50pm     Part II: New Technologies and Techniques for Bone Infection/Nonunion             
                                         Moderators: Stephen A. Kottmeier, MD /J. Spence Reid, MD


11:45am - 11:55am     An EBM Approach to Preventing Infections in At Risk Injuries
                                         Robert V. O'Toole, MD

11:55am - 12:05pm     Antibiotic Cement Coated Nails
                                         Janet D. Conway, MD

12:05pm - 12:15pm    Compression Nails
                                         Austin T. Fragomen, MD

12:15pm - 12:25pm    Limb Salvage versus Amputation: Decision Making in 2020
                                         Lisa K. Cannada, MD

12:25pm - 12:35pm    Osseointegration
                                         Munjed Al Muderis, MBChB

12:35pm - 12:50pm    DISCUSSION


12:50pm                         Adjourn  

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