Orthopaedic Trauma Update in Tactics and Techniques



This robust course presents current concepts in anatomical approaches and treatment strategies, so you can modernize your treatment methods and feel confident in selecting the best option for your injured patients. Spend the majority of the course in the cadaver lab executing open and minimally invasive surgical approaches focusing on relevant anatomy, implant position, and clamp position for fracture fixation.

Course highlights include:

  • State-of-the-art cadaver lab
  • Guidance from the experts one-on-one and in group sessions
  • How to avoid complications such as infection, implant failure, and nonunions
  • Bring your cases for discussion! 

                                                      Course Directors

Bradley R. Merk, MD

Bradley R. Merk, MD

Laura J. Prokuski, MD

Laura J. Prokuski, MD

"This course was an excellent refresher in that it provided much of the latest data and thinking, as well as an opportunity to see the relevant anatomy in a controlled environment with instructors."


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