IOTA Call for Abstracts


The IOTA Triennial Conference will be incorporated in a three-day International Trauma Conference conjoined with the annual Dutch Trauma Conference.  This meeting will be held at the RAI Conference Center in Amsterdam, December 2 to 4, 2020.   
Trauma surgeons and orthopedic trauma surgeons from all over the world will meet to exchange knowledge and facilitate international projects in trauma research and education.

Oral presentations and posters 

Abstracts submission, using the abstract form, will open January 13th, 2020 
The deadline for all submissions is April 1st, 2020
Submission Form: 

Presentations will be 8 minutes in length. Posters will be presented in a digital format. There is not a separate submission form for posters. The program committee will determine the most suitable presentation method, either as an oral presentation or as a poster.


Categories and topics:

  • Prediction modelling in fracture care
  • Global perspectives for Orthopedic Trauma Surgery
  • Minimal Invasive Trauma Orthopedics
  • The role of 3D and robotics in orthopedic trauma care
  • Smart implants, smart surgery!
  • Chest Trauma: the killer fractures? Worldwide perspectives on treatment
  • Mangles extremities: different approaches in different trauma systems
  • The hip fracture epidemic: Global worries. Standards of care. Prevention. Fast track solutions. Registration systems.
  • Synchronization/synergy in International Trauma guidelines
  • Polytrauma management: multidisciplinary/team approach
  • Artificial Intelligence: new perspectives for trauma management and fracture care
  • Stop the bleeding: New perspectives in traumatic hemorrhage control
  • Trauma Research: towards a joint global effort
  • Military, disaster and terrorism: Lessons learned in austere circumstances.
  • Hybrid OR: Is the interventionist your Best Friend Forever?
  • Surgical Critical Care and Burns
  • Fracture Related Infections: What's new and future directions?
  • The Frail Trauma Patient
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Damage Control: a multidisciplinary/simultaneous approach
  • Trauma in Sports, Sports in Trauma
  • Vascular Injuries
  • Fix and Flap

Technical Tricks and Innovation

This category showcases innovative techniques and technologies and consists of case reports showing unique solutions to difficult problems related to any of the above topics. Each abstract should report a description of preliminary findings using new technology. We ask that you avoid the appearance of commercial bias as this category is not designed to serve as an advertisement for any particular commercial products. Presentations in this category should be submitted as a single slide (similar to a poster) and will be displayed digitally throughout the course of the meeting.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: Complete author disclosure is required for all submissions.* 

More information: 

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