OTA Headquarter Address and Staff:

Orthopaedic Trauma Association
9400 W. Higgins Road, Suite 305
Rosemont, IL 60018-4975

Kathleen Caswell, CAE, Executive Director: 847-430-5131
Alanna Kaiser, Director of Education & Digital Innovation: 847-430-5143
Elizabeth Plummer, Director of Development: 847-430-5146
Sheila Alegria, Senior Education Manager, Annual Meeting Program: 847-430-5145
Agne Beymer, Senior Operations Manager: 847-430-5148
Rachel O'Connell, Senior Meeting Planner and Fellowship Manager: 847-430-5135
-Peter Pollack, Senior Manager, Publications and Online Education: 847-430-5138
Jenni Edsell, Senior Manager Global Relations: 847-698-1631
Kiersten Davison, Manager, Digital, Brand, and Content Marketing: 847-430-5136
Bonnie Emberton, Fund Development Manager: 847-430-5141
Kimberly Erffmeyer, Membership Services Project Manager: 847-430-5139
Jennifer Gangler, Manager, Exhibits and Corporate Sponsorships: 847-430-5132
Julia Markos, Governance Project Manager: 847-430-5133
Vanessa Morales, Education Project Manager: 847-430-5147
Nikki Schober, Education Research Manager: 847-430-5142
Rosie Tingpalpong, Governance and Fund Development Manager: 847-698-1631
Joseph Pienta, Education Project Specialist: 847-430-5150

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