Disasters: 1 Minute Primer


Disasters: 1 Minute Primer
Augustine Saiz, MD and the OTA Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness Committee

Disasters, like all trauma, can happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone. Repeated mass trauma headline events such as shootings, bombings, and natural disasters emphasize the need for disaster and mass casualty preparedness. In a disaster, resources are limited by definition, and therefore normal treatment paradigms cannot be applied without causing greater harm.  Formal education in this field is scarce or absent in the training of orthopaedic traumatologists. This lack of knowledge by orthopedic traumatologists will impair effective response during these stressful and challenging situations.

The OTA encourages our members to become knowledgeable and involved whether at the hospital, local, state, national, and/or international levels. Below are a few useful self-learning links to get started in addition to reaching out to your local emergency response organization. The Disaster Committee will continue to provide further educational materials and opportunities for ongoing involvement.

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