Editor's Message


Dr. Gary

Fall and football are back and the Annual OTA Meeting in Orlando is just around the corner.  This version of Fracture Lines will look a bit different than prior versions as we begin to adapt the format to meet the needs of our membership.  The new website at OTA.org has also launched and we hope to make the newsletter and extension and companion of the new design. 

We thank all of those that have participated in surveys and given us feedback as we make these changes.  Please continue to provide us with any further comments in person at the Annual Meeting or by email at oshinson@ota.org.

Inside the newsletter, you will find links to help customize your experience at the Annual Meeting.  Whether you are coming for the pre-meeting events, scientific program, Resident’s Fall Fracture Course, industry sessions, or socializing with friend and colleagues worldwide, the information you need is just a click away.  The OTA Annual Meeting app is also available for download now.

OTA International, the new open access journal associated with JOT and the OTA, is offering 10 awards of almost $1000 to decrease the cost of processing costs for the journal with a deadline of January 14, 2019.  JOT also has put out a request for proposals for a supplemental issue.   A request for proposal for a JOT supplement funded by the OTA is also out and hopes to publish articles and information that are difficult to publish through traditional peer review. 

I hope everyone has safe travels to Orlando and give a special thanks to those surgeons who are staying behind to care for patients in our 24/7/365 specialty.

Josh Gary, MD