The 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing: The Perspective of the Orthopedic Traumatologist


For most Americans, April 15 is generally remembered as the ominous day of the year that taxes are due. However, for nearly 27,000 runners representing 77 nations, and more than half a million fans, friends and family members, April 15, 2013 will be a day they will never forget. The Boston Marathon is the oldest continuous running marathon in America, first run in 1897. It is generally considered the most prestigious annual running event that is open to the public, once qualifications are met.

Prior to its 117th consecutive running, it had not been generally viewed as a target for a "terrorist attack". However, on April 15, 2013, two misguided brothers placed explosive-filled backpacks with remote detonator switches within yards of each other and the finish line of the Boston Marathon.The following paragraphs will highlight the extraordinary efforts put forth by the medical community of Boston and, in particular, many members of the OTA. 

- Mitchel B Harris, MD and Michael J Weaver, MD