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General Research Grant Reporting Policy

Each principal investigator agrees to submit an annual narrative and financial grant reports and a final narrative and financial grant reports 60 days after the end of the funding cycle. A request for a non-cost extension stating reason and requested period of extension may be submitted the OTA Research Committee Chair thirty days prior to grant expiration.

OTA Full grant or Co-branded grant recipients (with multiple years of funding) are asked to submit an annual narrative progress grant report every October 1st following the year of initial payment to receive succeeding grant installment payments.

Research Grant Budget Policies and Reports

1. Reports of expenditures must be prepared one year after receiving the award. For grants extending beyond one year, reports must be submitted every October 1st following the receipt of funds. Because the OTA uses this information for research donor recruitment, annual reports will be requested until the project is no longer active. The renewal of grant funding for the following year will be contingent on satisfactory progress during the previous funding period. Expenses must be submitted by category, i.e., Salary and Wages, Equipment, Supplies, Animals, Other. All final reports should be submitted to the OTA sixty (60) days after the grant has terminated.

2. Research reports must be prepared and submitted with the financial reports.

3. At the expiration of the grant, any unexpended balance of $100 or more must be refunded to the OTA together with the properly submitted report of expenditures and accompanying documentation.

4. Separate accounts must be maintained for each grant. These accounts, with substantiating invoices and payrolls, must be available at all times on request to representatives of the OTA.

5. The grantee must request permission and receive written approval from the OTA prior to making any changes to the approved budget and moving funds between budget categories.

6. The grantee may terminate a grant prior to normal expiration date by notifying the OTA in writing and stating the reasons for termination. Unexpended funds must be returned to the OTA within sixty (60) days of the submission, together with a final report of expenditures. The OTA reserves the right to terminate grants at any time with three months written notice to the grantee.

7. If a grantee has not completed the project prior to expiration, and for just reason, grantee may submit to the OTA Research Committee Chair thirty days prior to expiration, a request for a no-cost extension, stating reason and requested period of extension. The Committee Chair will review the request and advise the grantee.

Policy on Delinquent Financial/Research Grant Reports

The OTA reserves the right to deny additional grants to any individual or institution where after proper notification, an investigator has not submitted his/her final financial and research reports. This policy will be enforced when reports are one year past the final due date (14 months after the project ends). Upon receipt of these reports, eligibility for OTA grants will be restored.

Research Grant Reporting Forms

OTA Resident Research Grant

OTA Member Full Research Grant, International Grant, OTA/AOTNA Co-Branded Full Research Grant