Membership FAQ



1. I forgot my member log-in.  What should I do?  

Click My Account in the upper right-hand corner of the screen  It will prompt for the username and password and you can click “Forgot Password” at the bottom of the page. If you are still having an issue, please email Kim Erffmeyer, our Membership Services Project Manager, at

2. Is JOT included in my OTA Membership?

The JOT online subscription is included with all OTA memberships. Active, Research, and Clinical members receive a print copy of JOT as well. Any member may order a mailed JOT subscription. Cost for 12 mailed Issues/Year, January - December is $99.

3.Why am I no longer am receiving the JOT subscription?

A. If you moved or have a change of address you will need to update it on your account on, you can also update your address and email address by emailing
B.  Subscriptions run from January - December of each year. Check your member invoice history to determine when you purchased your subscription.
C.  The print subscription is sent only if the membership dues are paid. Please allow 6 weeks for your journal to arrive from the day that you paid the dues.

4. Who qualifies to be nominated for the Membership Committee, the Nomination Committee or the OTA Board of Directors?

Active and Research Members

5. When am I able to apply for OTA Membership?

OTA accepts membership applications twice a year in the Fall and Spring. The due date for the Spring is May 15th, with membership starting on July 1st. The due date for the Fall is November 15th, with membership starting on January 1st of the upcoming year.

6. When do I need to apply to be able to get a discount on the OTA Annual Meeting?

In order to receive a discount on the current year OTA Annual Meeting, you need to have your application submitted by the Spring deadline, May 15th. Your application will need to have been approved, and you will need to pay your dues before receiving the membership rate.

7. How do I check if I am an active member and if I owe any dues?

You can login to your account on and navigate to “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. On that page you will navigate to “Pay Dues and Open Invoices”, and then you can view “Open Invoices” as well as “Invoice/Receipt History”.

8. What is the Emeritus Membership category?  Can I apply?

An applicant cannot apply for Emeritus membership; it is for current OTA members to transition to at retirement or reaching the age of 68 years old. OTA Membership for at least 3 years is required before one can transition to Emeritus membership. Emeritus members do not pay dues.  Emeritus members receive all member benefits; aside from the paper mailed JOT and voting privileges.  Emeritus members may purchase a JOT mailed subscription at the discounted OTA member rate. Per the bylaws; a member must state in writing to the OTA BOD the intent to transition to Emeritus membership.  Email letter to

9. What is the difference between holding an Active or Research Membership versus a Clinical membership? 

The difference between holding an Active or Research membership is that you are able to vote and hold both elected and appointed office including the Nominating Committee.