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The OTA Podcast is your home for conversation with leading experts in orthopaedic trauma. Directed and hosted by OTA members, listeners can expect to hear 1:1 interviews with thought leaders, panel discussions on key subjects, hot topic debates from the masters, and timely reviews of clinical papers. The episodes will be structured in series, by subject, and will be 30 minutes in length or less, making it convenient for our members and other listeners. Education is an important mission of the OTA and we are pleased to add the OTA Podcast to our robust offering of learning opportunities. 

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Icons of Orthopaedic Trauma: David Helfet, MD
Icons of Orthopaedic Trauma: Andrew Burgess, MD - PART 2
Icons of Orthopaedic Trauma: Andrew Burgess, MD - PART 1
Icons of Orthopaedic Trauma: Chip Routt, MD
Icons of Orthopaedic Trauma: James Kellam, MD

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