Self Assessment


Like any possible problem, one needs to assess the situation in order to help decide on an action plan.  There are many ways to think about personal assessments.  Some are quite specific to particular domains and others are more composite in scope.  Below is a list of several assessment options that can be a starting point to help you assess where you are on your wellness journey. 


1. Physician Well-being Index
This is a composite measure of achievement, burnout, stress, fatigue and work-life integration.  It is short at only 9 questions and can be done over time to assess your well being longitudinally.  It is free to sign up.

2. Oldenburg Burnout Inventory
This is a free online calculator version of an alternative burnout inventory measuring exhaustion and cynicism to the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI).  Score range is 16-64 and the higher the score the higher the level of burnout.  There is a PDF available that you can score yourself if you would like. The MBI is the standard for research, but is proprietary.  Individual reports cost $15. Permission can be obtained through 

3. WellMD at Stanford
WellMD at Stanford is an organization that researches and advocates for physician wellness.  The above link is to the self assessment portion of the website.  This is a free option.  The assessments will not give you a numeric score, but will report how you are doing compared to published data. These assessments will give feedback about:

  • Professional fulfillment
  • Burnout
  • Self-Valuation/Self-compassion
  • Sleep-related Impairment
  • Impact of Work on Personal Relationships