Online Membership Application Now Open
Deadline: May 1, 2018


Membership application 


If you are transitioning to another category, you will need to submit a new application, CV, photo and sponsor forms (sponsors not required for Associate or Clinical moving to Active).


If you have ever attended an OTA Course, meeting, submitted an abstract or application, you already have an OTA user id.

Dr Jeray

Listen to Membership Chair, Dr. Kyle Jeray, share his thoughts on OTA Membership.


Active and Research Member Listing

Guest Nation for 2018 will be the Netherlands.

Requirements for Membership

Membership Counts and Dues

Active and Research Member Listing

Membership Sponsor Form

Military Dues Waiver

Peer Reviewed List

Pub Med - check publications

Trauma Registry


The JOT (both paper and online)  is included with the following member categories:

The JOT (online) is included with International memberships.

A JOT subscription may be purchased by the following members for $197 US/$211 Canada; or, an online JOT subscription is $99/year.
Active Military
Allied Health
** email the OTA for the subscription link which is only available to members or find it on your OTA Member home page