Orthopaedic Trauma Association

The Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) is the largest U.S. organization devoted to the care of injured patients through scientific forums, musculoskeletal research and education.


ICON Award ($50,000+)

Kathy Cramer, MD + Dr. Thomas (Toney) A. and Mrs. Gina Russell

LEGEND AWARD ($25,000 - $49,999)

Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD Bruce H. Ziran, MD, FACS

2017 Sponsors Award ($5,000 - $24,999)

Todd W. Mailly, MD William M. Ricci, MD

OTA Legacy Society - Lifetime Giving of $10,000 or greater

Jeffrey O. Anglen, MD Atlantic Provinces Orthopedic Society James C. Binski, MD Christopher T. Born, MD Michael J. Bosse, MD Timothy J. Bray, MD Bruce R. Buhr, MD Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Cass Michael W. Chapman, MD Peter A. Cole, MD Curt P. Comstock, MD William R. Creevy, MD  Gregory J. Della Rocca, MD Florida Orthopaedic Institute, Tampa, Florida  Stuart M. Gold, MD James A. Goulet, MD Ramon B. Gustilo, MD David J. Hak, MD, MBA, FACS David L. Helfet, MD Kyle J. Jeray, MD Alan L. Jones, MD Clifford B. Jones, MD, FACS  Fred J. Kolb, MD Gerald J. Lang, MD Ross K. Leighton, MD Douglas W. Lundy, MD Dr. Todd W. and Mrs. Jennifer Mailly J. Lawrence Marsh, MD Simon C. Mears, MD, PhD Theodore Miclau, III, MD Steven J. Morgan, MD Steven A. Olson, MD Glenn E. Oren, MD OrthoArizona, Phoenix, Arizona Brendan Patterson, MD Andrew N. Pollak, MD Robert  A. Probe, MD William M. Ricci, MD  Mark C. Reilly, MD Dr. Thomas (Toney) A. and Mrs. Gina Russell, MD Andrew H. Schmidt, MD John Schwappach, MD Brian A. Sears, MD  Michael S. Sirkin, MD Jeffrey M. Smith, MD Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD David C. Teague, MD David C. Templeman, MD Paul Tornetta, III, MD USCF/SFGH Orthopaedic Trauma Institute Heather Vallier, MD

2017 Members Award ($1,000 - $4,999)

Bruce Buhr, Chad P. Coles, Curt P. Comstock, Gregory J. Della Rocca, Stuart M. Gold, David J. Hak, Kyle J. Jeray, Alan L. Jones, Mark A. Leberte, Ross K. Leighton, Douglas W. Lundy,  J. Lawrence Marsh, Simon C. Mears, Steven J. Morgan, Robert F. Ostrum, Brendan M. Patterson, Andrew N. Pollak, Peter G. Trafton, Heather Vallier, John Charles Weinlein

2017 Friends Award ($250 - $999)

Daniel T. Altman, Paul T. Appleton, Lisa K. Cannada, Kathleen Caswell, Michael W. Chapman, James N. DeBritz, Darin Friess, Eric W. Fulkerson, Gerald Q. Greenfield, Ramon B. Gustilo,  Edward J. Harvey, Steven S. Louis, Michael D. McKee, William T. Obremskey,  Mark C. Olson, Steven A. Olson, Glenn E. Oren, Mark C. Reilly,  Regis L. Renard, Edward Kenneth Rodriguez, Andrew H. Schmidt, John R. Schwappach, David C. Teague, Gregory A. Vrabec, J. Tracy Watson, John J. Wixted

2017 Associate Award (up to $249)

Jeffrey O. Anglen, Timothy James Bray, Andrew R. Burgess, Benjamin Childs, Gudrun Elizabeth Mirick, Laura Lowe Tosi

OTA 2016 Sponsors Award ($5,000 - $24,999)

Steven A. Olson

OTA 2016 Members Award ($1,000 - $4,999)

Michael T. Archdeacon, Curt P. Comstock, Carol E. Copeland, William Creevy, Gregory J. Della Rocca, Stuart M. Gold, James A. Goulet, David J. Hak, Kyle J. Jeray, Alan L. Jones, Kevin M. Kuhn, Ross K. Leighton, Simon C. Mears, Steven J. Morgan, Timothy J. O'Mara, Eric J. Pagenkopf, Brendan M. Patterson, Edward A. Perez, Laura S. Phieffer, Robert A. Probe, Jeffrey Mark Smith,  David C. Teague, Paul Tornetta III, Heather A. Vallier,  Dr. and Mrs. G. Karl Van Osten III,  Ryan E. Will, Sharese M. White

OTA 2016 Friends Award ($250 - $999)

Mark R. Adams, Jeffrey O. Anglen, Paul T. Appleton, Emily Bensen, Bruce R. Buhr, Lisa K. Cannada, David Carmack,  Kathleen Caswell, Michael W. Chapman,  Peter A. Cole, Daniel John Coll, Brett Duane Crist, Nicholas Joseph DiNicola, Thomas G. DiPasquale, W. Andrew Eglseder, Robert Fischer, Darin Friess, Gerald Greenfield, Cullen K. Griffith, Roman A. Hayda,  David E. Karges, Justin R. Kauk, Brian J. Kistler, William T. Kurtz, Gerald J. Lang, Ross K. Leighton, Eric Lindvall, Cindy Kay Malson-Fischer in honor of Dr. Patrick J. Wiater, Theodore T. Manson, James Frederick Mautner,  Toni M. McLaurin,Theodore Miclau III, Anna N. Miller, Berton R. Moed, Jason W. Nascone, Brent L. Norris, William T. Obremskey, Christopher E. Olson, Glenn E. Oren, Robert V. O'Toole, Michael J. Patzakis, Andrew N. Pollak, Regis Louis Renard, Mark Cameron Reilly, Roberts/Corrigan Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of the US Charitable Gift Trust, Edward Kenneth Rodriguez, Melvin P. Rosenwasser, Milton L. Routt, David W. Sanders, Bruce J. Sangeorzan, Susan A. Scherl, Robert S. Schulz, Marcus F. Sciadini, Michael S. Sirkin, Myron G. Slobogean, Carla S. Smith, Raymond Malcolm Smith, John W. Staeheli, Michael P. Swords, Gregory A. Vrabec, Mark S. Vrahas, John T. Watson, John Charles Weinlein, Joel C. Williams, John J. Wixted, Patrick Yoon

OTA 2016 Associate Award (up to $249)

Eben A. Carroll, Thomas M. Large,  Angela Majed, Richard John Myers, Christopher E. Olson, SurgeonMasters

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2018 OTA Annual Meeting Abstract and Breakout Submissions

Submission site opens mid-November  

Deadline: January 24th 

2017 OTA Annual Meeting On Demand

2017 OTA Annual Meeting On Demand an online CME educational resource 90 hours of presentations available!

OTA Sponsored JOT Supplement: RFP

The OTA will offer funding for one supplementary issue of the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma (JOT) in 2018. Deadline November 20, 2017

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Open Committee Positions

New term begins October 2018
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Application deadline: 
December 1, 2017

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OTA Webinar: Managing Complex Humerus Fractures: From Proximal to Distal

2018 Guest Nation & IOTA Membership Applicants Only

Membership application deadline:
December 10, 2017 


OTA Research Grant Deadlines

Resident Grant Extended - 12/11/2017

Full Grant Pre-proposal - 01/29/2018

International Pre-proposal - 01/29/2018


AAOS/OTA Fractures of the Pelvis and Acetabulum Course

AAOS/OTA Orthopaedic Trauma Update in Tactics and Techniques

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2018 Specialty Day

Saturday, March 10, 2018
Morial Convention Center
7:25 am – 4:45 pm
Room 245 

AAOS/OTA Daily Dilemmas in Trauma: Your Topics, Expert Solutions


First OTA AFA Community Surgeon Achievement Award Recipient Announced

2017 OTA Annual Meeting

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2016 OTA Annual Meeting On Demand

2016 OTA Annual Meeting On Demand an online CME educational resource 70 hours of presentations available!

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OTA 30th Anniversary Video

Explores the history of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association.