OTA Legacy Society

The OTA is pleased to honor the following individuals and organizations who have reached a lifetime giving level of $10,000 or greater. 


  Jeffrey O. Anglen, MD  
  Atlantic Provinces Orthopedic Society  
  James C. Binski, MD  
  Christopher T. Born, MD  
  Michael J. Bosse, MD  
  Timothy J. Bray, MD  
  Bruce R. Buhr, MD  
  Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Cass  
  Michael W. Chapman, MD  
  Peter A. Cole, MD  
  Curt P. Comstock, MD  
  William R. Creevy, MD   
  Gregory J. Della Rocca, MD  
  Florida Orthopaedic Institute, Tampa, Florida   
  Stuart M. Gold, MD  
  James A. Goulet, MD  
  Ramon B. Gustilo, MD  
David J. Hak, MD, MBA, FACS  
David L. Helfet, MD
  Kyle J. Jeray, MD  
  Alan L. Jones, MD  
  Clifford B. Jones, MD, FACS  
  Gerald J. Lang, MD  
  Ross K. Leighton, MD  
  Douglas W. Lundy, MD  
  J. Lawrence Marsh, MD  
  Simon C. Mears, MD, PhD  
  Theodore Miclau, III, MD  
  Dr. Todd W. and Mrs. Jennifer Mailly  
  Steven J. Morgan, MD  
  Steven A. Olson, MD  
  Glenn E. Oren, MD  
  OrthoArizona, Phoenix, Arizona  
  Brendan Patterson, MD  
  Andrew N. Pollak, MD  
  Robert A. Probe, MD  
  William M. Ricci, MD  
  Mark Cameron Reilly, MD  
  Dr. Thomas (Toney) A. and Mrs. Gina Russell  
  Andrew H. Schmidt, MD  
  John Schwappach, MD  
  Brian R. Sears, MD  
  Michael S. Sirkin, MD  
  Jeffrey M. Smith, MD  
  Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD  
  David C. Teague, MD  
  David C. Templeman, MD  
  Paul Tornetta, III, MD  
  USCF/SFGH Orthopaedic Trauma Institute  
  Heather Vallier, MD  



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 (L to R) Andrew Schmidt, Paul Tornetta, III, Marc Swiontkowski, Roy Sanders and James Binski.