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OTA Trauma Registry Database for Multicenter Studies

The Orthopaedic Trauma Association has had a trauma registry for a number of years.  The registry is now capable of supporting multicenter studies.  Any individual or group who desires to utilize the OTA trauma database for a clinical study will be able to do so by submitting a list of variables that need to be acquired on patient demographics, patient injury, patient treatment and patient followup.  These data fields will be placed into forms that are accessed through the OTA database and data entered directly into the database. 

The cost of form development is dependent on number of variables and frequency of follow up.  A cost estimate can be obtained by contacting John Harrast at Web Data Solutions ( .  The database is capable of automatically scoring several functional outcome scores such as the SF36, SMFA, and DASH scores.  If the study is multicenter, different centers will be allowed to utilize the same database.  They will have access only to their data, but the lead center will have the ability to review data from all participating centers.  The intent of the change in the database is to improve the capability and encourage centers to participate in multicenter studies with a common database.