Membership Counts

 2018 OTA Membership Counts

Active: 643
Allied Health: 16
Advanced Practice Professionals: 60 
Associate: 112
Clinical: 325
Emeritus: 108
International: 273
Research: 19
Candidate: 610 (Candidate 197 & Post Candidate 413)
Honorary - 2
Total: 2168


2018 Membership Dues

Active* -$750
Associate* -$650
Clinical* -$650
     *All above include yearly subscription to JOT.

Candidate+ - $200 - for Candidates post fellowship
                      $100 - for Candidates in their residency and fellowship
Advanced Practice Professional+ - $150
Allied Health+ - $150 
Emeritus+ - $0 
Honorary+  - $0
    +Above do not include JOT subscription.
      Does include JOT Subscription OTA member rate:
Domestic $197 for mailed and online JOT access/$211 for Canada
                      $99 for JOT Online access.   



International Dues are based on the 

OTA International tiered dues structure is based on the World Bank’s country classifications, which classifies countries as high income, high middle income, low middle income or low income (click here to learn how the World Bank classifies countries).

OTA International dues are based on the country classification of members. 

High Income:  $325 (2018); $450 (2019) to final dues of $550 (2020 and beyond)
High Middle Income: $200
Low Middle Income: $100
Low Income: $50 
International Candidate dues will be  $50




Dues are billed each December for the following year. 

Refund are unable to be issued online – please contact the OTA by phone,
847-698-1631 or by email, to request a refund.

** We do not share any personal information with third parties.