Trauma Registry


Dear OTA Trauma Registry User:

The OTA leadership decided after much consideration to sunset the OTA Trauma Registry. Continued operation of the Trauma Registry at this point would require several upgrades. Because only a small percentage of the OTA membership utilizes the program, the OTA Board determined that further investment in funding and resources will not be allocated.  The OTA is committed to ensuring each OTA member a smooth transition in the sunset process which includes:

  • Allowing a one year time period for all users to export their data from the OTA Trauma Registry (sunset period October 2019 – October 30, 2020)
  • Assurance that each institution owns their own data, it will remain secured, and following the 1 year sunset period (plus an additional safety period of 1 year), the data will be destroyed.
  • Instructions for downloading your data can be found here.  Questions can be directed to the Data Harbor Solutions support line:  (312) 944-0642, or the OTA.

The OTA believes there is value in registry data in the profession of orthopaedics. Although the Trauma Registry is determined to be a platform not well suited for further OTA investment, the OTA will continue to research other registry resources that may be of value to the membership, including exploring possible partnerships with several existing registries.

We welcome any questions you may have. We salute your site’s dedication to the Trauma Registry. The OTA commits to ensuring a smooth transition for all users.


Dave Teague, MD – OTA Immediate Past President
Steve Olson, MD – OTA 2019 Strategic Planning Chair

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