Utilizing Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Measures in Orthopaedic Trauma: What Have We Learned and Where are We Headed?


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Orthopaedic Surgery has been an early adopter of the use of patient reported outcomes (PROs). This webinar will provide background and case studies from different institutions and their approaches to the challenges of PRO collection and usage and provide recommendations for the direction of PRO measurement in the field of orthopaedic trauma surgery.


Objective 1: Explain the conceptual and historical foundations of patient reported outcomes (PRO) usage in Orthopaedics. Describe commonly used PROs in orthopaedic trauma including PROMIS measures and discuss how they relate to legacy outcomes measures.
Objective 2: Discuss implementation of PRO collection as standard of care practice for orthopaedic trauma care. What does it take to make it work in your practice? What infrastructure is necessary to make it happen? Use case study examples from centers collecting PRO data to highlight learning points
and implementation hurdles experienced by those who have successfully implemented these measures.
Objective 3: Since the OTA podium on PROs in 2013, what have we learned about the utility of PROs in trauma care? What are the benefits and limitations, what important research has been published on the topic, and where should we go from here?


  1. Amanda Spraggs-Hughes, MD-Moderator
    Amanda Spraggs-Hughes
    Amanda Spraggs-Hughes, MD-Moderator
  2. Sara Putnam, MD
  3. Michael Gardner, MD
  4. Mark Vrahas, MD
  5. Thomas Higgins, MD
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