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Fracture Night Case Conferences

Please note that in 2022 the following changes have been made:

  1. The last Wednesday of every month will be reserved for an OTA webinar in place of Fracture Night. Webinars include CME and are free to OTA members, but must be registered separately.
  2. The start time of all Fracture Night sessions has been moved earlier by 30 minutes, to 8:00 p.m. CT / 9:00 p.m. PT.

FRACTURE NIGHT IS BACK! Click here to sign up.

Please note that Zoom now requires a password. The password is included in your confirmation email.

"Fracture Night" is a series of complimentary, informal, case conference sessions targeted primarily at residents and fellows. Sessions run about 45 minutes and take place at 8:00 p.m. CT / 9:00 p.m. ET each Wednesday. Participation is open. Please note that as these are intended as informal discussions, the sessions are not recorded and CME credit is not offered.

Click here to sign up in advance or enter the meeting at the appropriate time.

OTA Members are encouraged to discuss Fracture Night cases on the OTA Discussion Forum

2022 Conference schedule

Contributing faculty

  • Derek Donegan, MD (Fracture Night Organizer)
  • David Chafey, MD (Lower Extremity Coordinator)
  • Jennifer Tangtiphaiboontana, MD (Upper Extremity Coordinator)
  • Zachary Working, MD (Pelvis & Acetabulum/Special Topics Coordinator)
  • Brian Mullis, MD (Education Committee Chair)

Thank you to our many faculty who have hosted Fracture Night sessions:

  • Mark Adams, MD
  • Jason Anari, MD
  • Edgar Araiza, MD
  • Keith Baldwin, MD
  • Marschall Berkes, MD
  • Julius Bishop, MD
  • Yelena Bogdan, MD
  • Michelle Bramer, MD
  • Richard Bransford, MD
  • Eben Carroll, MD
  • Steven Cherney, MD
  • Andrew Choo, MD
  • Brett Crist, MD
  • Brian Cross, DO
  • Gregory Della Rocca, MD
  • Daniel Dziadosz, MD
  • Jonathan Eastman, MD
  • Matthew Garner, MD
  • Joshua Gary, MD
  • Elizabeth Gausden, MD
  • Michael Githens, MD
  • Matt Graves, MD
  • John Hagedorn, MD
  • Justin Haller, MD
  • Jonah Hebert-Davies, MD
  • Thomas Higgins, MD
  • Yohan Jang, DO
  • Utku Kandemir, MD
  • Daniel Kaplan, DO
  • Conor Kleweno, MD
  • Joshua Langford, MD
  • James Learned, MD
  • Kelly Lefaivre, MD
  • Milton Little, MD
  • Jason Lowe, MD
  • Michael Maceroli, MD
  • Samir Mehta, MD
  • Deana Mercer, MD
  • Hassan Mir, MD
  • Timothy Moore, MD
  • Roman Natoli, MD, PhD
  • Holly Pilson, MD
  • Raveesh Richard, MD
  • David Rothberg, MD
  • Neil Sardesai, MD
  • John Scolaro, MD
  • Mara Schenker, MD
  • Michael Sirkin, MD
  • Gerard Slobogean, MD
  • Daniel Stinner, MD
  • Matthew Sullivan, MD
  • Jan Szatkowski, MD
  • Michael Talerico, MD
  • Harmeeth Uppal, MD
  • Stephen Warner, MD, PhD
  • Raymond Wright, MD
  • Richard Yoon, MD
  • Brandon Yuan, MD
  • Nicole Zelenski, MD
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