What is the deadline to submit an abstract?

The deadline to submit is February 2, 2022, at 11:59 PM CST

Complete author disclosure is required for all submissions. All disclosures for the meeting must be dated October  26, 2021 or later. Any disclosures made before this date will not be valid. There will be a 7-day author disclosure grace period from the close of abstract submissions. If an abstract does not have complete author disclosure by February 9, 2022, the abstract will not be reviewed by the OTA Program Committee. This includes breakout, symposia, and technical tricks and tips submissions. The name of the author must match exactly what is in the AAOS database to integrate with the author’s disclosure.

Can the abstract have been published before submitting it to OTA?

No, abstracts that have been published prior to February 2, 2022, will not be considered for presentation. If the abstract has been submitted and presented elsewhere but not yet published it is acceptable.

How do I log in to submit an abstract?

  • Go to http://submissions.mirasmart.com/OTA2022
  • Click Enter Now
  • If you have not yet submitted an abstract click “New User”
  • Enter the login credentials you will use for the abstract submission site (this will be your login any time you wish to go back and make revisions to your abstract. This step only needs to be done once)
  • Click create a new abstract and follow the next steps

Is it mandatory for all of the authors listed on my abstract to submit a disclosure to the AAOS database?

Yes, all authors listed on the abstract are required to submit a disclosure. No abstract (whether podium, poster, breakout, or technical tricks and innovation) may be presented without financial disclosure of ALL authors, whether or not they attend the meeting.

Steps for disclosure:

If the author has a record in the AAOS database:

    • Go to www.aaos.org/disclosure
    • Click I have a login
    • Login
    • Follow instructions on how to disclose
    • Confirm
    • You will receive a confirmation email and confirmation on your current screen view

If the author DOES NOT have a record in the AAOS database:

  • They will receive an email asking them to search our database for themselves. If they cannot be found, they must create a record for themselves before accessing disclosure.
  • Please have the author Click here to register.

What is the deadline for making revisions to my abstract?

You can log back into the system any time before the submission deadline of February 2 at 11:59 PM CST to make revisions to your abstract.

What is the maximum amount of words allowed in an abstract?

The maximum number of characters (including Title, Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusion) per abstract is 400 words (excluding any images). If you have included an image in your submission, 125 words will be removed from the total number of characters available.

Are tables and figures allowed in the abstract?

Yes, you can add one image with a maximum size of 5MB to your abstract (Note: This will affect the word count by 125 words). The graphics size will be reduced to 3 x 3 during the conversion process. For best results, size your image to 3 inches x 3 inches (76 mm x 76 mm).

Is there a maximum number of co-authors that can be listed on an abstract?


What is the Technical Tricks and Tips Category?

This category showcases innovative techniques and technologies and consists of case reports showing unique solutions to difficult problems.
The abstract shows a description of preliminary findings using new technology. This category is not designed to serve as an advertisement for a particular commercial product, so please avoid the appearance of commercial bias. You cannot submit your abstract to both this category and the paper category. You must choose one category.

What is the difference between a Breakout and a Main Symposium submission?

Breakouts: One main topic with a moderator and 3 to 4 faculty. Open to questions from the audience. This includes case presentations. Concurrent breakout sessions are held throughout the meeting — 60 min in length. 

Main Symposium: One main topic with a moderator and 3 to 5 faculty.  Leave room for discussion and questions at the end of the session. This is held in the general session room with no conflicting sessions — 90 min in length. 

When can I expect to be notified whether or not my abstract was accepted?

In early May, we will begin the process of sending acceptance notifications for the papers and posters.  Annual Meeting and Basic Science Focus Forum Paper acceptances will be sent first, followed by Posters, and International Trauma Care Forum Papers. Once the program has been finalized by the Program Committee and all presenters have agreed to present, notifications will be sent to those whose abstracts were not accepted.


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