Call for Symposia & Breakouts


Symposia, breakouts, and technical tricks and tips submissions

Deadline: March 2, 2022 11:59 PM CST
2022 OTA Annual Meeting, October 12-15 - Tampa, Florida

Scientific Paper submissions - CLOSED  (deadline February 2)
DEADLINE: Author Disclosure - February 9, 2022 - 11:59 PM CST

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A New Symposium and Format 

“Top OTA priorities for new clinical solutions, research, and advocacy: An interactive town hall”

  • This is a call for multiple independent contributions to a special townhall symposium
  • We will combine the best 6-minute submissions on any relevant topic and put them together in a single symposium
    • Five submissions will be accepted
    • 6-minute presentation with 9 minutes of moderated discussion
      • Structured abstract: 1) Problem, 2) Why this should be a priority for the OTA or its members, 3) Potential ideas to solve the problem (if applicable)
    • Examples:
      • Optimal timing of weightbearing for geriatric articular trauma
      • Indications for humeral shaft ORIF: Is more data still needed?
      • Improving the quality of retrospective research in our field
      • Preventing moral injury through OTA position statements and advocacy
  • Teaching and promoting wellness to our members and trainees

Traditional Symposia

3-4 Symposia selected for presentation: 75 minutes in length

We will accept:

  • Maximum of 1 symposium per participant
  • Maximum of 5 submissions per moderator

*An example of a highly ranked symposium proposal with explanations of the scoring criteria is available here.


15-20 Breakouts selected for presentation: 60 minutes in length

We will accept:

  • Maximum of 2 breakouts per participant
  • Maximum of 5 submissions per moderator

Technical Tips and Tricks

Technical Tricks and Tips showcase innovative techniques and technologies consisting of case reports showing unique solutions to difficult problems. This category is not designed to serve as an advertisement for a particular commercial product, so please avoid the appearance of commercial bias.

The top 5 selected by the committee will have the opportunity to provide a 2-minute pre-recorded video presentation in the general session room.


The AAOS disclosure system will be used to manage author and presenter disclosures for OTA. EACH author, including the presenting author, is required to disclose in the AAOS database.

  • If a co-author does not have a record in the AAOS database, they will receive an email containing a link where they can create a record in the AAOS database.
  • When submitting your authors, please search each co-author by the last name (required), first name, and email address (optional). The name of the author must match exactly what is in the AAOS database to integrate with the author’s disclosure. Please use the directional arrows (up/down) to be sure co-authors/presenter is in the correct order. 
  • You must have the correct full name for every co-author on the submission. The submission system will search for each co-author by last name in the AAOS database. The name of the author must match exactly what is in the AAOS database in order to integrate with the author's disclosure. Once you have entered all the co-authors and submitted your abstract, you can click “view summary” to view each co-author’s disclosure status.
  • There will be a 7-day author disclosure grace period from the close of submissions. All disclosures for the meeting must be dated no earlier than October 26, 2021. Any disclosures made prior to this date are not valid. If a submission does not have complete author disclosure by March 9, 2022 the submission will not be reviewed by the OTA Program Committee. 


Once you have uploaded your abstract, be sure to preview it on the final page. If your abstract is complete, including all authors, you will be able to submit your abstract. Once all requirements are met, the presenting and corresponding author will receive a confirmation email.

An abstract can be edited at any time up until the submission deadline. The best way to ensure your abstract was submitted and is complete is to check the status. If you return to the abstract submission site, you will see your submitted abstract(s), abstract tracking/ID number(s), and status. If an abstract is incomplete, click the edit page.


Each presenter is asked to return an electronically signed response stating that they will present the accepted submission.

  • If you are unable to attend you must notify the OTA Office. Those that fail to notify the OTA office and are a no-show will not be allowed to submit or present at the meeting for the next two years.
  • Urgent issues will be handled at the discretion of the OTA Program Committee Chair.
  • All speakers are expected to register and pay the meeting registration fee.


February 2, 2022 11:59 PM CST

Abstract Submission Closes for papers.

February 3, 2022

Site opens for submission of Symposia, Breakouts and Technical Tips and Tricks 

February 9, 2022

 7-Day Author disclosure grace period ends for paper submissions
March 2, 2022 11:59 PM CST

Submission Closes: Symposia, Breakouts and Technical Tips and Tricks

March 9, 2022

7-Day Author disclosure grace period ends for Symposia/Breakouts/Technical Tips and Tricks

Late April  2022 All Submitters Notified Regarding Acceptance
June 2022 Annual Meeting Registration Opens


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