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Hughston Orthopaedic Trauma

The Hughston Clinic now engages with partner hospitals to provide trauma services. We are actively seeking qualified candidates to join a dynamic group of orthopaedic trauma surgeons. We are expanding into several regional and national regions and have a unique model that provides for several types of employment. We have options for flexible work days with varied locations as well as fixed locations to provide for career growth and stability.

We have a vertically integrated system that provides opportunity for research and education, quality and value endeavors, mentorship, as well as entrepreneurial activities. We have surgeons in various stages of their career available for counsel and mentorship with many well-known experts.  Our locations are continuously expanding and include Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Idaho, Utah, Virginia, Tennessee with others in progress.

We tailor our employment towards the personal and professional needs of the candidate and provide a competitive compensation package, including benefits and retirement. There is also an opportunity for partnership if the candidate is committed and dedicated to the enterprise.  We also have opportunities for part time and mobile work available as well. The candidate should have completed a trauma fellowship of at least 6 months. Direct inquiries to:

Bruce H. Ziran MD FACS: 330-716-1605

Robert Harris MD: 423-361-5566

Rachel Crenshaw COO:

Posted on: 1/28/2021

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