Survey Policy

  • The OTA Research Committee and/or the OTA Research Chair and
    OTA President will review all survey requests.
  • A brief research survey proposal (1 – 2 pages) will be required with
    all survey requests.
  • The OTA membership will be notified by e-mail on a quarterly basis of
    new surveys posted on the website.
  • Surveys requests are limited to OTA members. IRB approval is required for
    surveys when applicable.
  • Surveys are limited to those related to orthopaedic trauma healthcare, and should not include information regarding commercial products.
  • The OTA requests that survey results be made available to the OTA membership. The survey author may request these be posted on the OTA members-only page.

    Instructions for Posting a Survey

    To post a survey on the OTA website, please e-mail a 1 – 2 page survey proposal
    and the following information to:

    1) Survey Title:
    2) Survey Link:
    3) Survey Close Date:
    4) Survey Author:
  • 5) Short Survey Description;
  • 6) IRB Approved (yes, no, or n/a)? If yes, please include approval letter. 
  • 7) Define your target population to receive the survey request: all members? domestic members only?  resident members only?  Open this link to reference OTA membership categories.