Survey Policy

  • The OTA Research Committee and/or the OTA Research Chair and
    OTA President will review all survey requests.
  • A brief research survey proposal (1 – 2 pages) will be required with
    all survey requests.
  • The OTA membership will be notified by e-mail on a quarterly basis of
    new surveys posted on the website.
  • Surveys requests are limited to OTA members. IRB approval is required for
    surveys when applicable.
  • Surveys are limited to those related to orthopaedic trauma healthcare, and should not include information regarding commercial products.

The OTA requests that survey results be made available to the OTA membership. The survey author may request these be posted on the OTA members-only page.

Instructions for Posting a Survey

To post a survey on the OTA website, please e-mail a 1 – 2 page survey proposal
and the following information to:

  • 1) Survey Title: 
  • 2) Survey Link: 
  • 3) Survey Close Date: 
  • 4) Survey Author:
  • 5) Short Survey Description;
  • 6) IRB Approved (yes, no, or n/a)? If yes, please include approval letter. 
  • 7) Define your target population to receive the survey request: all members? domestic members only?  resident members only?  Open this link to reference OTA membership categories.