Alert from the OTA Disaster Management and Preparedness Committee

Dear OTA Membership:

The events in Brussels this week along with those of Paris last November should serve as a warning.   It can happen in the Homeland again (Oklahoma City, 9/11, etc).  Are you, your department, and your hospital prepared for disaster response?  The Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) and its Disaster Management and Preparedness Committee would like to provide you with some basic information to help you plan for a terrorist attack.  Now is the time to think about it!  High energy explosives are increasingly the weapon of choice for terrorists.  These result in mass casualties, with the majority sustaining orthopedic injuries not commonly encountered outside of battlefields.  In the face of similar events in the homeland local hospitals, communities, and the nation will look to OTA members for guidance.  It is critical that our membership be prepared.

We would encourage you to share this email and its resources to all of your colleagues.

1. Are you familiar with your hospital’s disaster plan? Does your department/office have a disaster plan?  If not, get involved or designate someone from your department/group to be on the hospital’s disaster committee and to create a departmental/office response plan. 

a. Disaster Response Management Protocol for Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery"

2. Blast Injury Management:

a. The “Orthopaedic Blast Injuries” module of the Resident Core Curriculum can be found under “Resident Resources” on the website. A PDF of the program is linked here.

3. Courses:

a. National Disaster Life Support Foundation “Basic” and “Advanced” Disaster Life Support courses (BDLS/ADLS)

b. American College of Surgeons / Committee on Trauma Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness Course (DMEP)

c. Note:  The AAOS/OTA/SOMOS Disaster Management Course (DRC) will not be given in 2016.  A new course oriented to domestic/terroristic activities is being formulated.

4. Personal (non-medical) Preparedness: Are You Ready? Guide

5. General Bibliography 

Message Approved by the OTA Board of Directors

Contributed by the OTA Committee on Disaster Management Preparedness:

Christopher Born, MD (Chair), Roman Hayda, MD, Christiaan Mamczak, DO, Usha Mani, MD, Mark McAndrew, MD, Kenneth Nelson, MD, Eric Pagenkopf, MD, Mark Richardson, MD, David Teague, MD, Philip Wolinsky, MD.