Multiple States

Various Level II Trauma Centers Locations: Utah, Florida, Georgia, Indiana
Needed: Dedicated hospital based orthopaedic traumatologist


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Hughston Orthopaedic Trauma is actively seeking qualified and motivated individuals who would like to join a dynamic and growing enterprise with a unique model that is positioned for the challenges of the evolving healthcare market. The opportunities vary from developing an upstart program to joining and established program. Academic and entrepreneurial opportunities exist within our system that is linked by a central academic and IT hub. The candidates would have access to mentorship, research opportunities, and the backing of an established administrative infrastructure.


The applicant should have completed an orthopaedic trauma fellowship and the ability to care for all fracture related problems. Opportunities for elective and general orthopaedics exist. The candidate may need to have some administrative and managerial skills depending on location and program.


Contact: (330-716 1605); or



Posted: 9/5/17