Community Trauma Development

A reference for trauma surgeons entering a community practice...

Created: August 2010

Timothy J. Bray, MD, OTA Member Services Project Team Chair

Rafael Neiman, MD, Community Trauma Work Group Chair


Personal/Private/Non-Academic Practice Attributes

  • Varying Practice models
  • Support from Partners
  • Ancillary Help (PA/NP/PT)

Hospital Practice Attributes

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Stipend
  • Understanding the Jargon of Hospital Admin-FMV/etc
  • Acess Issues - Dedicated OR Time, Radiology Support for Urgent and Elective Cases
  • Trauma Service Support
  • Hospital Supported Post-Discharge Trauma Clinic
  • Medical Directorship - Salaried
  • PA for Hospital Coverage
  • OR Nurse Liaison
  • Concessions to the Hospital